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‘Fallen Christains’…They Had No Stand!

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We know quite a number of people who at some point had certain qualities or drive but now it has become unapparent in them.

An example; Do you know anyone who was seemingly a dedicated Christian in your eyes but has now turned a rebel against the church? We wonder what happened.

Characteristics/behavioral patterns have a way of rubbing in on different individuals. To some it comes in so strong, to another, it is mild(a little here and a little there).

As humans we admire certain characters in individuals, some of which we wish we could possess and so we work towards it, this is the case of many Christians.

 A person who longs for closure with God can fall in love with the outward behavior of a Christian devotee they admire. Instead of developing their own unique style in knowing God, they take up the culture of mimicking the prayer patterns, church routines, mode of dressing and even mannerisms of the so-called ‘Christian’ they admire.

If you are just meeting this person for the first time, you will automatically think it’s their true character. Meanwhile, their own default character has been suppressed for this to reign, hoping that one day they get it right. In the long run, they either succeed in getting it right or go back to their default behavior.

I read a post on Instagram a few days ago about the height of hypocrisy in the church. I came across a striking comment from a lady. She said hypocrisy is the reason why she stopped attending church despite being a dedicated usher for three years. It is absurd to agree that hypocrisy took her away from the church. A big lie. She never had a strong footing with the church in the first place.

Fallen Christians
Fake it till you make it or fake it till you can’t take it any longer phase

If hypocrisy was evident in her church, shouldn’t her love for God sustain her or at least make her change church instead of quitting completely? She is unarguably one of those very consistent churchgoers but then ambivalent at heart. She only tried to look the part all those years, hoping to become like it someday and when it didn’t work at the estimated time, she found a trigger and clenched unto it; an excuse to pamper her long preconceived deviation.

 We shouldn’t freak out when we see a deviation in character from an individual. That individual has been battling so hard to take a stand just like the lady in question. We all go through the ‘Fake it till you make it or fake it till you can’t take it any longer phase’. It takes a  lot of hard work to be consistent in character.

If you truly have a stand on something, nothing can change that for you; you can only evolve in it. Having a stand is a belief system that keeps us going. Someone can battle with taking a stand for years, you see them and think they actually got it but it’s only a facade…when they deviate, do not question, just remember that they are the ‘fallen Christians‘.

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Mykel Oche
Mykel Oche

Fallen Christian 🤣 While this might be true to some extend but its deeper than that. For someone like me well I wouldn’t call myself a fallen Christian but I stopped attending churches altogether for several reasons not just the hypocrisy in churches but so much more. To be frank I don’t think God approves the way we worship him. Think about it if Jesus is to walk the earth today how many of this denomination will stand? How many will he see and approve of? I don’t want to get to all that but for me I have had… Read more »


I have a problem with the way Christianity is evolving. These days, it’s all about miracles performed and seeds sown. One is tied to the other: you sow a seed, miracles abound in your life. I became a fallen Christian many years ago, and my love for God wasn’t able to sustain me. I went for a crusade and a certain Ghanian prophet was the special guest. Two days after the crusade, it was announced that he would be available for those who needed counseling, so I went to see him. I told him why I came for counseling and… Read more »


This is true as it is the case nowadays, but it is imperative to note that the case of many ‘fallen christians’ can be traced to why and how they got born again. Some of us where born into Christian homes or by marriage became ‘church goers’, let’s not also forget that the activities done in the church can be easily mimiced thus making most of us fall into a routine practice that lacks depth of devotion. Being born again and being a Christian is based on the work of Christ that brought redemption NOT on the act and display… Read more »