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Friendship is a Ruse

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Friendship is good but it is also a ruse. O yes! I said it… perhaps a subliminal ruse to some but it is definitely a ruse.

Of what good is friendship if I cannot manipulate you once in a while? We all want someone that can be all out and there for us, that’s the major reason why we make friends.

It is a lie when you say “For any reason, I cannot take advantage of my friends”.  That is a lie. Maybe you need to revise the meaning of the word ‘advantage’. We take advantage of friendship in different ways. Let me state some examples… You are supposed to meet up with a friend to go somewhere together yet you keep delaying. You say you are close but meanwhile, you are still in your house. The level of speed you invest in getting ready to meet with your so-called buddy is definitely way different from what you give your boss or a business I right? This is you taking advantage of friendship.

Imagine you needed to get front row at a concert and your close friend happens to have free access. If they denied you the chance wouldn’t you begin to question your friendship with them?

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Friendship is a well-struck deal.

A person sees you and wants to be friends with you, don’t get too excited, find out what they want. At the initial stage, it can be hard to tell, even they themselves might not know what they want from you but pretty soon the need(s) starts to manifest. 

Every friend wants something, every friend has a reason if not reasons why they are still friends with you. At some point, they might have thought about leaving your ass, but that reason keeps them going.

If an old friend suddenly starts with the love and affection all again ask them: “This thing you seek, was there no one out there to give to you?”. 

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Let me ask you, “Why do you still have phone numbers of people you haven’t spoken to in years?”,  is it mere laziness to clear them? Of course not. What keeps you from deleting is because you take solace in the fact that they might still be able to perform the roles they performed when you first met or they could something different in the future. 

If you call friendship a game, you are right. Nobody makes friends for the sake of it. Even kids. If the reason is that you make them smile, then subliminally that is what makes them stick with you.

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Dante Onwe
Dante Onwe

I think i enjoy been used lol


I don’t take advantage of my friends and I mean it. I don’t keep my friend’s waiting and if for any reason I do, I apologize to them unreservedly. They know I won’t deliberately keep them hanging and they respect me for that. The respect I accord to my boss is the same respect I accord to my friends. I know it sounds untrue, but that’s me. I also hate it when my friends take advantage of me. Don’t tell me you are close by when you are far away. Don’t tell me we should meet at a specific time… Read more »