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The story of Samson in the Bible makes me imagine a whole lot.

What if we are like the biblical Samson?

What if there are certain things we must not do but have already done and now we face several implications? But we think it’s just life!

Sometimes I see little children who haven’t had a hair cut before, they wear this natural dread (Dada). I often ask why the parents decided to leave the hair unkempt, but the response is usually ‘They said we shouldn’t put scissors on the hair?’. This is particularly amongst the Celestial Churches. Before I usually laughed it off saying they wallowed in religion but lately I’ve been giving it a serious second thought.

I discussed this with a friend a few days ago. We reminisced on how innocent our minds were as kids, how we were naturally creative, A+ as kids,  but now adulthood seems to have polluted our talents to some extent. And I asked ‘What if we are like the biblical Samson?’,  maybe we must have done something(s) we shouldn’t have? And also indulged in it subsequently, thus it has reduced our prowess to perform as geniuses that we should be?

What if we are like the biblical Samson
Samson and Delilah

I always say it and I will keep saying, although the world comes with a lot of enjoyment, it doesn’t change the fact that life is spiritual.  I just cannot believe it was only Samson God gave a mandate on what to indulge in and what not to. It could be that some of us are not supposed to ever take alcohol, cut our hair, eat a particular food, leave outside a particular town, etc…

Some of us might be suffering from the repercussions of premarital sex but we don’t know!

Things happen daily that we cannot fathom, it might just be a repercussion for some misdeeds, but we are so blind that we put all the blame on life, saying it has its ups and downs.

We keep saying life is a pot of beans, I disagree. We are only compelled to say that because we live our lives just like everyone else. We are like different products here on earth… And you know products come with individual manuals,  if only we could follow our own manual to the latter, life might just be a jar of honey.

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Premarital sex came with a heavy price. Let me not spill too much. Thank God the price was something I could afford.

Imagine engaging in harmless fun and paying a heavy price(something others do for years and get away with it)

But why should God decide that someone mustn’t do a certain thing or commit a particular sin when others do it and go scot free? If premarital sex or consuming alcohol is sinful, anybody who indulges in it should pay a price, not just a particular person.