bad parenting

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While I was a kid, anybody my parents had a fall out with, be it a woman or a man, who are far beyond my age, automatically becomes my enemy.

Worse off, we would declare war on their entire family. Regarding their kids,  I and my siblings will form a mini cult re-affirming ourselves never to engage them in a chat. Of course, their kids did the same, I mean we were wrapped around the same mentality. Even though it didn’t feel right most times, I had to get into character otherwise several strokes of the cane would be paying my buttocks some homage (most African families can relate). So long as there was an unresolved dispute, we weren’t allowed to wish them a harmless ‘good morning’ because if mummy or daddy finds out ehn 😢. 


I’m older now and looking in retrospect, it’s funny but not funny. Very glad I am able to discern right from wrong without navigating through my parents perspective. It’s an utter ignominy to see some grown-ups still basking in the euphoria of inheriting their parent’s enemies.

Even when it comes to family

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Why do parents mandate kids to inherit their enemies? 

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If you had similar experiences growing up, I will love to hear from you in the comment session too.



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What’s the need for Procreation when in the long run you’ll blame your misfortune on the kids?

Do you expect that they live their life in yours till death has a grip on u?

Do you expect that they keep pleasing you at all times even when it’s never in their favour?

Scolding does not mean you are a bad parent but what kind of words do you say when you scold your child.

Are they supposed to live with you constantly reminding them you’re the reason behind their existence?

Is provision a condition?

If this is your idea on parenting, PLEASE DON’T PROCREATE!

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Dear Mutterers, I fear that parents are the best pretenders you can ever come across, I really don’t know how they master this act but they sure excel well at it. My parents, for example, can be a handful to us their kids but it’s funny how the tables turn when there is a visitor or the cousins come over for a vacation. I immediately begin to see a different side to my parents, trust me it’s just the perfect time to take advantage you know lol!  I could ask them for anything at the time and my wish becomes their command. How they wear fake smiles so comfortable mehn! they are a genius. At this point, my cousins or friends can press several buttons (mumu button) asking them for things they immediately wouldn’t say Yes to their kids, but it sure works this time, funny enough I sometimes incite these acts.

And then that moment of fake truth when my friends begin to say… “your parents are actually cool you know?” It’s funny and yet not funny at the same time because if only they knew a fraction of the truth, they wouldn’t dare say such!

I hate to say this but because of the experiences I’ve had with my parents, I can never visit someone’s home and automatically feel all relaxed that their parents truly like me. I feel it’s just one of those times they don’t need to break at their best but instead maintain theatrics. The way they master these act though can be scary, you can’t just tell where the real love at *sighs*…

Maybe pretence is part of the package features that come with being a parent. They can’t help but be mandated to show some love even if they have to fake it right?