be more!”

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Yesterday I saw a friends tweet which read “Everyone falls for more… be it more money, intelligence, looks or whatsoever value touches your core! Strive for more, chase more, be more!” I couldn’t agree any less only because of one reason, it being that it’s just the robotic status quo our society and the world at large expects from us.
In my opinion, I will say that the need to become more has subjected us to not just an overboard of pressure, but honest fears too. For someone like me, I keep acting like I have a beast chasing me about with an axe, and the moment I relent, he strikes me dead, hence why I keep running.
No matter the stage I’m at, I keep wanting more and more and I’m sure it happens to you too. Everyone falls into the temptation of believing that there is a certain peak they ought to reach but why is it that whenever we get there, another target surfaces and then we resume the chase again?
I have observed my environment with the people in it, I have also read historicals and watched on televisions about other environments too, never ever have I met a man who wanted to be less than he already is or is satisfied with how he currently is. No, wait! I have met satisfied men and women, who wouldn’t mind how much they earned but notwithstanding went about their doings, but guess what! they only existed in fictional stories and folklores my grandmother never had the time to tell me…maybe they once existed in our world but trust me they are extinct now. Or have you ever seen an intelligent man who doesn’t work hard for more knowledge? Or a wealthy man who doesn’t work for more money?
The 'Top' Is A Mirage
Eventually, when he gets there, he will only realize that there is, in fact, another ‘Top’ he has to get to.
But frankly, I am losing my self peace in this war for more, O yes! it is a war and an unending one too. No matter how I channel my mind to be content with the knowledge, money, clothes, finesse and all that I have, I keep failing at it.
Could it be that the world order has placed me in a subconscious competition with myself? could it be conscious competition with the people who live in this world with me?
Is there really a top or that’s the way we’ve been trained to view it? I’m asking because every time I hear a man  say that he’s headed for the top, I always wonder which ‘Top’ because eventually when he gets there, he will only realize that there is, in fact, another ‘Top’ he has to get to…and there goes the craze, it keeps moving on and on. The ‘top’ is a Mirage Indeed.