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There’s a saying ‘Who says no to free stuff… Everybody likes freebies right! but not me, at least not anymore. I have learnt to avoid anything that smells free in every way possible.

Freebies Freebies Freebies! That’s how a tailor friend is still with my fabric for almost a year now and I cannot ask when it will be ready because obviously it’s a free service 😥. And eventually, when the dress arrives, that’s if it ever will, I wouldn’t be able to complain if it’s not sown to my taste because it is free right!

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But wait! why do people who give free stuff get bitter when someone complains about a glitch? They say it’s a sign of ungratefulness, well I somewhat disagree. It all depends on how the person raises the issue. I’m aware that some people can be so arrogant in relating a problem but it doesn’t excuse the fact that their complaint is valid.

Deadly Zone! pay for it if you can

I avoid free stuff because I want no stench of sentiments if I ever need to vent over a knockoff product or service. Since I paid for the damn thing, the seller should be held accountable for any errors. I hate to feel dissatisfaction after getting a product and I even hate myself more when its free and I cannot talk about it. That’s cheating!  

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By the way, why is it that most people who give out freebies don’t ever give something that’s worth it? it’s either something they no longer need Or there’s always a condition to it? well like they say, nothing goes for nothing Yeah!