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Worst-Case Scenarios

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Dear Mutterers,
I really don’t know if it’s a bad habit, but wherever I find myself especially if it’s my first time, I always have a lot of worst-case scenarios running through my head.
For instance, if I am in a vehicle, I begin to imagine that it suddenly catches fire and then what would I do?
Immediately I begin to resolve the situation in my head just in case it actually happens. I take a look at the people sitting around me, who is too fat or has plenty of luggage beside them and if it will be convenient to get a hold of myself with all the barricades so that I can run out faster than my legs can carry to prevent getting terribly burnt.
I imagine the amount of adrenaline my body will hold at that moment if it will be enough to do extreme things like breaking the side glass quickly with my legs and then stuffing out my body through the shackles left on the doors.
worst-case scenarios
Recently I went to see a male friend and trust me the primary fix my mid was on were the bottles of perfumes he had arranged by his bedside just Incase he tries anything stupid. I imagined I would have smashed his skull with one of those things lol. Funny enough he caught my gaze at his perfumes and asked if I liked them, I had to concur damn it!  If only he knew what I was thinking… I hope these worst-case scenarios don’t get me into trouble someday.

And these worst comes to worst scenarios keep popping up in my head every now and then, perhaps it is normal especially judging by the genre of movies I binge-watch. I like to watch (horror and thrillers). Also, I pressure these test scenarios are the residual effects of paying close attention to scary real-life stories.

In the midst of all these,  I sometimes ask myself, What if these things I imagine comes to play in real life? will I really act as I envisaged?

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