May 2021

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What makes good sex? One party on the receiving end or both parties riding each other dirty like it’s the last sex of their lifetime? For me, it’s the latter, I enjoy reciprocity when I’m having sex with a woman. Teach me how to touch you to orgasm while I teach you the trick to make me cum. This way, we’re both happy huh? But not a lot of ladies know how to please a man in bed. All most ladies know how to do is stick to an irritating missionary like an ugly log of wood, sex game is whack! and they’re not willing to learn but expect that a man does all the work. Hell No! Madam landlady stand up and come and be going; sex wasn’t so great. You dey vex me!

For a while now I’ve been out of the game. Lol, yea! That game (sex).  I’ve got friends that can’t live without the chase; they never get tired but for me, chasing is mostly whenever I really want some different kind of sex or a new adventure, but mehn it’s never about relationship! 

sex game is whack

You see, part of what gets me tired about chasing new girls is that the sex is almost never great.  Yea, 8 out of 10.  What’s the point of going through all that stress if the sex is still going to be bad anyway? You see, whenever I’m lucky enough to meet a girl that’s good in bed, I don’t only stick around but it encourages me to flirt even more with different girls, hoping to get more & more sex because mehn! I’ll give anything for a good sex streak. 



So I met this girl (let’s call her Zoe), we flirted for a bit, and we exchanged numbers & the next week we’re in bed. All things seem to fall into place as I’m able to finally slip my hands into her boobs.  I mean, Zoe gives the usual inviting ‘stop’… you know the girl’s thing but her words start to fade as I slowly bite her neck.  I love me a sensitive girl but Zoe’s sensitivity is on a different level. 

sex game is whack
Source- Health Magazine

My breath close to her ears gives her chills as I can see her feet vibrate as I suckle her ear lobs, my hand still on her boobs.  Neck kisses, boobs, ears & it goes on & on for about 1hr30mins.  I can tell she’s having the foreplay of her life. But something’s off! Why won’t she kiss me, feel me or try to please me too? I like nice things too you know…

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Well, I know she sure had fun but don’t know how to rate this day for myself; surely it was an inevitable test of patience . She was ON so we didn’t have sex. Man’s left with blue balls but thank god for my right hand, I must please myself if I must survive the night abi wetin man go do?

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I’m counting the calendar days & you can’t tell me 10days is not enough.   Of course, I’ve been caring all the days between – “How was work?” “Please take some rest”, “I can’t get you off my mind”. I mean, I hate texting but you really need to show that you care…


So it’s 10days after & we link up at my place.  You can tell we’ve both been waiting for the moment.  She hasn’t even stayed long & she wants to be going.  Go where? Or are you lost baby girl? I put the work on her neck – now I can see the hickey so I strip down! Are you shy? Okay, I’ll turn off the light.

sex game is whack
Source- Rolling Stone

I like to show off the big man (my dick), he’s 7.6 inches must be regarded as a separate entity.  I call him KING and expect he be treated as such.  Jokes apart every girl should know how to fondle a man’s dick. Forget foreplay, now we are having the sex of our lives or so I think; listening to how her breathe fade, I can barely see her eyes.  As it lasts longer she obviously enjoys it more & me less.  Wetin dey happen sef? Zoe still doesn’t agree to kiss me or remove her shirt or bra completely. She removes just her shorts & pants & deep down I’m really starting to vex. 

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Zoe is tall, clean, pretty & light-skinned.  A perfect spec but why’d she be trying to pretend like she’s not into the sex?  Now I’m certain it’s her ego.  In my mind, I’m like “lol, I wish I could record you just so you see how your facial expressions gave you away”.

sex game is whack

Sex’s still on! down to the second round & notice me doing all the work.  Zoe’s still laying flat on the bed, eyes shut, legs open, lips smirking – I whisper to her “can you ride my dick?” No response as we start to tip over the bed. “Zoe we falling… can you adjust a bit?” Now it’s clear Zoe can’t do a thing unaided.  I lift her back into the bed as we continue sex in the pretzel dip position.  

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Let’s doggy & as usual, I literally have to turn her and set her hands myself. mehn! the girl is so lazy. Five seconds in & Zoe can no longer hold a doggy as she sinks back into the bed. We slowly transition into a flatiron position. You see if you want to maximize your thrust in this position simply slip a pillow between her belly and the bed; in my case, I slip two pillows and can hear her moan change. Zoe is now seeing stars. I give you all this and can’t imagine I’m still begging for a ride.  Baby come be my cowgirl. 

sex game is whack


For a second I shut my eyes & all I see is Temi.  11 months down the line & I swear I still see her in my dreams.  Damn, I’ve never had sex that great!   Temi gave me the ride of my life.  I could imagine the best moment of our sex.  You see the best moment of cowgirl is when she slightly tilts backward as your dick bends slightly and the uppermost part of her vagina concentrates on the cap region of your dick.  Mehn how do I describe the feeling? Feels as though something tight wraps on your dick & slowly pull out your semen.  Mehn this is how to treat a 7.6 inches KING.  You do this and you’ll hear any guy moan. This was the cloud 9 treat Temi gave me, I almost sold her my last name cause O boy!! It was that great. 

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As I open my eyes it’s a different reality, Zoe’s in the same position & now I feel like a robot.  At this moment I was utterly displeased with the sex, slowly my dick goes flaccid & I’m shooting pool with a rope. I give up! no ejaculation but who cares? The sex is no longer pleasing. 

sex game is whack


How can I be doing all the work? Sometimes I feel girls exaggerate how pleasing sex is.  It’s really not as pleasing to guys if girls don’t put in the work; in many cases, we just keep up to cum.  In my case, I completely lose it as I lay down on my side of the bed.

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Forget porn, sometimes I wonder if people learn from movies.  Do you see the expressions in the series ‘Dark Desire’? When Alma rides Dario or her husband Leonardo? Or would you rather talk about Laura & Massimo in 365 days? Yea I know these are just drama but drama depicts life.  Real-life sex should be as passionate & expressive but definitely not for Zoe.  She would rather lay in bed and contribute nothing to the sex. 

sex game is whack
Source- The Irish Times

It pains me so much that I couldn’t communicate her lack of sexual prowess to her. I imagine her reminiscing it as probably the best sex of her life when in actual sense, she’s a fraud. Gave nothing, to enjoy so much. 

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Guys!!! I think it’s high time we started voicing out to these ladies how wack they are in bed. Most ladies are quick to call out a man for lasting 4 minutes in bed or having a small dick but see nothing wrong in their deficiency in bed. It’s unfair. Why do ladies feel bringing their bodies is enough for sex? Common madam! Up your skill or come and be going! You suck in bed!

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Now to my question, firstly to the men, sincerely, how do you feel when a lady contributes nothing in scrubbing the carrot but lays like a log of wood? Do you tell her her sex game is whack or let it slide? If you’ve communicated an observed lack of skill to a lady before, I’ll like to know her reaction. To the ladies, why is it that most of you all hate to explore and be versatile in bed? Is it shyness or really lack of skill? You all be acting like “ehn after all he’s sucking boobs, he should be okay”... Well, he’s not!  I’ll appreciate your opinions in the comment section below 👇👇




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A man cannot be a hundred percent satisfied! Satisfaction is a mirage, a man who appears to have attained it only deliberately decided to stay blind to his other needs that pinch. Satisfaction comes with self-control, the duo is difficult to merit. Why we excel in some areas, we are deficient in others. For me, the burden slaps hard with the institution, Marriage! As a man, I’m aghast at the perpetual welcome of Monogamy. Why? Why should a man be bound by one woman?

After a few years of being attracted to different women for different reasons, I have found that I am unmarried because I am looking for those different traits (characteristics) in a single woman. Crazy, I know.

monogamy is useless

Imagine a world where I am allowed to have more than one partner, where I could marry women in different sizes to satisfy specific fetishes. Who else will I enjoy a double action kind of sex with if not my chubby lady with a big breast? I imagine sliding my dick in-between her breasts and then grazing her lips with the crown as she sends shivers down my spine with her tongue. Another of my favorite fetishes for thick women is having to sit on the toilet as she turns her back towards me, twerking while my dick slides in and out. 

What about my slim and tall lady? I have this fetish to pin her against the wall while I leap up from behind, trying to align my dick with her pussy, just like a dog. For some reason, I guess this particular fetish is why they say all men are dogs lol. But I don’t mind!

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Imagine having either of these fetishes at my beck and call, I will probably come close to being a truly happy man, and will not live with the guilt of cheating on my one wife who does her best, but can’t just keep up with my numerous bed experiments. And in cases where I’m too busy to attend to the numerous needs of my wives, and often too tired from many business and social engagements. I’ll love that my wives can entertain men in the guest apartment to meet many of their cravings, and do to them, the things they’ve only dreamt of. Imagine a world where a wife is not bound from having a gist partner, a play partner, and a satisfying partner, and yet remain loyal in every other wifely duty to hubby. Raise this issue and folks will whip up diseases, but there were still diseases in the days of our great grandfathers, right?

monogamy is useless


Truth is, modern religion came with an ideology, wrapped it up in morality, and served it to us as the way of life. One might even argue that the concept of monogamy is a mischievous scheme to curtail Africa’s speedy childbearing and growth by the Western world.

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Check this out; a child knows there is milk on the shelf, and he wants to drink milk but cannot do it because it might be a crime. So he lives with that desire burning in his heart, till he eventually gives up in frustration. Compare this to a child who knows there is milk on the shelf and he isn’t restricted from drinking it, so he moves about freely with that consciousness. Which one is a more happy child? And if happiness is key to social and mental development, which one develops more into a bold, strong, and successful man?

monogamy is useless
Source- Wiki How

Man is by nature free-spirited (Polygamous), if he’s not doing something, it means he doesn’t want to. Monogamy restricts a rather polygamous human, and cuts of the mind from being all it can be, this is why many of the people who seem to have blown out of proportion have not allowed themselves to be limited by most social constructs put in place by fearful ancestors to checkmate human growth.


Growing up, I used to steal meat from the stew pot, not the soup pot because my mum was fond of draw soup. And you know what they say, taking meat from a draw soup takes a special skill set, and I didn’t possess it at the time, so I settled for the stew.

monogamy is useless
Source- Dream Africa

A time came that I became in charge of the kitchen because I learned to make food almost as Mama did, and I discovered that I naturally stopped stealing meat from the stew pot, soup pot, Jollof, or the reserved fried ones. Thinking back now, I realize that I couldn’t steal that to which I have the key.

What does this have to do with monogamy?

Every woman I have met, I am in love with. The wild ones, the calm ones, the loud ones, and the soft-spoken. I met a girl who is chubby and what draws me to her is her belly. I love how it jiggled when she laughed, and I just loved to make her laugh. Huge girls laugh from deep within, it is often devoid of pretense. Unlike a popular body type to whom you crack a joke and they go “hehe”. I love a chubby girl when I am selfish because she is more than enough to go around. I love to be wrapped up in her embrace and get lost in her. And yeah, has a huge girl ever defended you in public? Nothing sexier than when she is vexing on your behalf. 

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monogamy is useless
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But I still want to lift my woman, swing her about and have her literally look up to me with those sweet adorable eyes, and even stand on her toes to kiss me. And this is exactly why I like her petite too and full of energy. Ever been in a pillow fight with a “small” lady? You could bury her in about 6 pillows, throw her up and catch her without paying for gym classes. There’s even stronger bonding that comes from her inability to reach the upper cabinets in the kitchen, I’d just place my both palms on her waist and lift her and wait for that smile and a kiss.

monogamy is useless
Source- Media Push

There is a woman for optics. She is tall, slender, with a thick thigh and proportionately thick behind. I am not very tall, but I still imagine her on stilettos with her elbow placed on my shoulder while I lean on her like the support for the tilting tower. This is the woman I want to “look up to”. Her intimidating height, huge presence, and often stern look through occasionally worn dark shades will make folks ask “who is this domineering woman he is with?” And I’d smile sheepishly because they don’t know that it is not so when we are completely alone and unclad.

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monogamy is useless
Source- Sporty Tell


Some say a man is inherently good, others say inherently bad, but what if a man is inherently immensely capable of the expression of his desires in numerous ways to numerous objects of his affections without failing in his duties to the one or all?

A man is married to a breathtakingly beautiful woman but still goes to another whom men consider as ugly to lay by her bedside. Why is that?

monogamy is useless

A man walks hand in hand, fingers entwined, with his lover on the beach, enjoying the sunset, when suddenly a different girl walks by and he forgets about his lover whom to many is a 10, and gawks at another lady who is completely oblivious of his existence. Why is that?

Many faithful men still visit strip clubs, get lap dances, and wank off to sultry images of other women who aren’t even built like their wives. Why is that? These men live in a world where they can afford a whole kitchen but they are not allowed to, so they steal a glance and sometimes take extra meat or two from the pot. And those who take meat from the draw soup leave a trail behind them, and when they are caught, they are called cheats.

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Imagine a world where he is handed the key to the kitchen and even allowed to provide and watch guard over the meat? Wouldn’t he be more dedicated and happy?

monogamy is useless
Source- GQ Aaustralia

Everyone wants to be free, I particularly love to be free. Why should I adhere to a social construct (Monogamy) that binds me to one woman for the rest of my life, when inherently I desire so much more? Monogamy should either be scrapped or made optional not just for a specific religion but for every person, it’ll go a long way to saving marriages and relationships.

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Here’s another lamentation from a muttering mind, yearning to know what your mind mutters too. I’ll love to know your sincere opinion on monogamy. Are you convinced it’s the ‘IT’ or fallen prey to its bandwagon ideology propagated by society? Will you say that monogamy has done more harm to society or good? Let’s discuss further in the comment section Mutterers 😊👇👇.



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