June 2022

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Yeah you know it! that angelic yet raunchy stare she gives you when you’re hitting the G-spot…that desperate facial, is she crying for pleasure or for more pleasure? You pump it up, wearing the energy of a horse on a race track. It’s too much pleasure now, her legs begin to suffer a seizure but surely they wouldn’t wilt rather she’s mumbling in tongues that translates a quest to devouring every last crumb from your being. Oo bet she’ll. Now you’re staring at her eyes to solicit more validation and you’re almost blinded by spicy passion. Hell yeah! it makes you feel like a man right? An empowered man with a top-notch ego right? 

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I bet you had not the slightest idea that this ‘ego empowerment scheme’ you profit off from her legs quivering could all turn to dust one day. A day when you desperately want to race like horse and in fact prior you’ve bragged about the chronicles of your sex game but unfortunately forces beyond you makes your cum come barely 2 minutes after hitting the warm hole. Shit! This is every man’s nightmare. How do you tell her it’s not your fault? That you’re usually not like that? Perhaps she’s too sweet you couldn’t resist falling your own hands? O jeezz!! She’s gonna tell her friends that you’re a ‘one minute man’ or very unlikely to share in your embarrassment and keep mum. A lot of thoughts running miles in your head. I don’t know if you’ve been here before, well I’ve been down this squashed ego road… would tell you about it.

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A Sex King In The Making

Attaining reasonable mature age, I was very sexually active. I remember having sex more than 300 days in 365 days in a year. Yup! That’s how much bed power I wielded. I remember going seven rounds in a night with my girlfriend at the time. Or was it a time when a lady fainted while having oral sex with me? She couldn’t stand the depth of the feeling. Then, when it came to sex, the barest minimum I could offer a lady was 3 rounds. No less but could be more. I oozed enormous ego especially when she’s telling me over chats how I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to her pussy. O surely I did make a lady drip drip…sheeshh! Common guys, don’t give me that look. Wanna deny that a lot of our ego doesn’t depend on how much we’re able to treat her right in bed? Well mine wholesomely does. 

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A King’s Nightmare

Happily late last year, I got a girlfriend, which would soon metamorphose a sour encounter. A sex king could no longer have a lasting erection, I had now become a man walking around with a not literal tag that projected “One Minute Man”. Though I would quickly have erection like I should have but not as strong as it should be; compared to those days where I literally would feel every single vein in my penis when I’m fully aroused. How do I explain all my brags? She expected a horse but all she got was a man whose erection became flaccid at the touch of her hands repeatedly. And when it’s a ‘good day’ and I arrive at the mountain of penetration, my sperm acts like they’re being chased down by a ghost, running for their lives which makes them sprinkle out in barely one minute. Gosh! I bet she hated me at every try.  The only silverlining left in my arsenal was my oral sex skill. I had mastered it so well so it was easy to make my woman reach orgasm.

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Though my woman never complained about my poor timing cum shots, I wished I could do what I used to do. Painfully, I also observed that she never demanded sex from me, she never initiated love making too. I started to nurse the idea that I became sexually weak because I was aging, though I’m not 40 yet. I read an article that said sex shouldn’t be more than 2 minutes and that gave me a sense of hope. 

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Pacifying My Fallen Crown 

What I resolved was to ensure my lady orgasms first through oral sex before I reach to penetrate knowing that I would cum in two minutes. The trick was to elongate my head game with hopes that she doesn’t take cognizance of how quickly I ejaculated.  Another disappointing part of the issue is that I had to wait for at least 30 minutes before journeying second round, that’s if I had the chance to try.

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I became desperate for a solution that I decided to take a root drink for sex enhancement. I will never forget my terrible experience. I took the drink 20 minutes before my lady arrived and I was hugged with a serious headache. Although we had two rounds of sex which I lasted a little longer but I felt less than my normal self. I became an empty man who desired sex most times but would quench the desire knowing that I could only offer weak strokes. Rather sex, I would masturbate, risking the cons. 

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A King’s Redemption

Like having a weak sex game is not punishment enough, the universe had to plague me with a throat problem; however, the life style preceding this diagnosis soon became a solution I was blind to the entire time. I was told to avoid soft drinks and cold water as they were notable triggers which I faithfully avoided. From baby steps avoidance, I was able to permanently halt the entry of soft drinks in my system for three months. Also for some maybe weird replacement, I nurtured the habit of eating dates and tiger nuts. 

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In the third month of abstinence from soft drinks, my lady came around with plans to sleep over and leave the next day. I joined her in the shower that night and couldn’t resist making love to her. We started foreplaying and surprisingly, I realised that my erection became even fuller with charged veins scavenging for a warm hole. I hit it and kept at it for over five minutes before carrying her to the bed where I kept sending her into space for over 15 minutes. As much as I felt proud I could make her scream for the first time, I also felt much surprise. Is this me? Is the king back? My excitement held no barricade. Could you believe we went an extra five rounds that night?? It was such a passionate moment, and one of relief too. Tell you what? My beautiful lady who had the intention of spending one night, spent two days and returned a few days after to spend a month with me. 

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Saying ‘Hi’ To Memory Lane

After our irresistible love making, my surprise grew to curiosity, I was bent on knowing what happened. Putting the pieces together, I needed no soothsayer to tell me I had lost my game to excess sugar. Unbeknownst to me every time I consumed a soft drink, my sex prowess kissed six feet a closer chance, it weakened. Coca-cola was my number one brand, while Pepsi, an alternative best friend. I would consume either like water, hardly would I have a meal without a bottle of Coke or Pepsi. 

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Whew!! I had defeated the elephant that tormented me for more than a year. I used to think my lady hated sex, I recall how quiet she usually is whenever we made love, she would only make sounds during oral sex and go completely silent during penetration. But now, she’s a screamer,  a noisemaker and prayer warrior. Babe now holds my head screaming, calling me beautiful names and praying for me. She now calls me ‘Ife’, chai, good sex is beautiful, dont let anyone tell you otherwise. Another beautiful thing is that She has come to see third and fourth rounds as her legitimate right, so we usually begin another round right from the bathroom while cleaning up. Can proudly say that I wasn’t actually getting old, but was careless with my diet. I have kissed both soft drink and masturbation final goodbyes. Again I’ll reiterate that good sex is beautiful and importantly I’m still a SEX KING!!

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Reflecting on all that transpired, I have questions… To the men, how important is performance to you? I confided in a friend who told me that he’ll care less if he can’t satisfy a lady for a lengthy time. I perceived it as a pretentious answer though. I feel like a huge part of my ego depends on satisfying her in bed, do you feel the same way or am I weird? Also have you had experiences similar to mine or scares? share with me and your solution, a fellow king reading might be in need of it. Now ladies, sincerely how do you feel when a man doesn’t satisfy you as you want? Would you call it quits on a one-minute man? And now general questions; how long should an ideal sex last?  What’s your take on sex enhancement products? Join the conversation in the comment section below 😃👇👇.