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Finally a wrap on our First Sex Experience Series. Aaaaaahhhhh!!! Drum rolls!! Belly tingling💃💃 and plenty of cheerssssss🥂….lol😁. The stories featured no doubt were a roller coaster of so many emotions ranging from pity to relief, gross grease to triggers, fragility to laughter and of course lessons. So tell me, did you learn a thing or more? 

Lessons cannot be swept under the carpet after getting an undiluted portion of people’s lives, so I’ll go first. Before I proceed I would like to especially thank those who submitted their stories. You see, penning the story is not the actual deal here but finding a balance with the courage to look back on the gory scenes ( to those who had an unpleasant first time), details, emotions and then carving a silver lining is everything. THANK YOU. Also, my sincere apologies to those who I couldn’t post their stories, the fault is on me, your stories were good enough. I undermined the turnout, I placed only a week for the series because I didn’t think many people were going to share their stories but the turnout surpassed my expectations. 

first time sex
Lessons cannot be swept under the carpet…

Now The Lessons

One of the purposes of the series was to prove if some sex myths are real, some of which I included while announcing the series. However, reading through the stories, I came to the conclusion that they are not myths but actually facts although not evident in everyone’s first time. Below are some of the things I learned;

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  • Change The Narrative:  Dealing with abuse is tough. If there is any lesson I wouldn’t miss from the first entry, “A ‘Red Episode’ Turned ‘Fairytale Romance”, is the strength shown by the writer. I admire her for taking charge of her memory, how she was able to forgo the first experience, and clinched to the better second is everything. Asides from sex, I most definitely will replicate this act going forward, choosing to see only the good and burying the bad.

first sex experience

  • Be Mindful Of Who You Keep Close: From Abuse To Addiction’ is a biting epiphany. It proves that many people molested at a tender age were either molested by relatives or close parties. I will end this by quoting what a follower on Twitter, @oshiombo_alaka said in reaction to the story “What is happening to your children when you are away from home? Are the people you entrust your children with worthy of the responsibility? The failure to promote moral uprightness will hurt every one of us. Are you willing to stand for what is right in everything around you?”

first sex experience

  • Pain, Joy… And The Clingy Bits: One story that checked some of our proposed sex myths is ‘Pleasure And Gateway To My Insecurities’. The writer having acknowledged the pain and pleasure lets us in on the aftermath of her sex experience. Despite admitting to having her first sex with someone she was heels over head in love with, she found herself getting insecure and clingy and that became the death of the relationship. It made me realize that most break-ups that occur after a girl’s first sex might not actually be because the dude got what he wanted but because insecurities and incessant fights play a vital role.

first sex experience


  • A Rise In Ego: hehehehehehehe… yes, I am laughing and if you followed the series you can easily figure out the culprit story. Yesssss…‘Teenage Sexventure Gone Wild’. The writer was apparently the only one who decided not to play anonymous and rather than judge him, you end of having a good laugh. He checked one of our sex myths, ‘ego boost’ for men. Most men had their ego a step ahead after laying with a woman for the first time. In Joshua’s words… “Socially my circle of friends changed, I stopped hanging around my mates but with the so-called big boys who introduced me to alcohol and more sex…”

first sex experience


  • For You Or Society: ‘A Tale Of Two Rookies’ takes off the cloak on celibacy and virginity. Do you understand the importance of celibacy and keeping your virginity? Or you are one of those lost in society’s yardstick for measuring virtue. Why celibacy? What happens when you do or don’t? Everyone ought to have a meaning for themselves, not just jumping on the bandwagon.

first sex experience


  • Curiosity Killed The Cat: Ideally reading the title ‘Taste And See…’ one is curious to know what the writer tasted and found out. Did he taste sex to become an addict or did he taste sex to flee? You never know until you read. If you are curious to know how sex feels chances are you’ll end up regretting your first try because of the many expectations you had. 

first sex experience


Observations/ Suggestions

Special thanks to everyone who ensured good publicity for the series by posting daily updates via their social media handles. Despite the sensitivity surrounding the word ‘sex’ and backlash from rigid minds, some of you kept publicizing regardless. Sincerely, I’m taken by your kind gesture.  

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While the First Sex Experience Series was on, some parties who were unable to catch up asked if there was an e-book available for download. So I got thinking, should we create an e-book for the series? Perhaps it will also be a good idea to include all the stories that didn’t make it to the website. On the other hand, I feel the individuals who have their stories featured have a huge role in deciding whether or not. Please let me know your opinion in the comment section.

first sex experience
Spot the Logo on the book cover!!! Art by my beloved friend Onyinye Okechukwu. She is a video editor and a digital artist…and also a full-fledged Mutterer

Now the deal with the comment section! I’m curious to know why you read and zooooooommmmmmmm… are the articles so uninteresting and not cogitating enough for me to get your feedback? Remember it’s Muttering Minds, if you don’t comment your reservations here, where else? So shall we…? Let’s start with the lessons you learned from the sex series, One! Two! Ready! Go!


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When you’re a teenager and you’ve already gone first, second and almost third base, somehow you know that losing your virginity is just a matter of time. This is the story of the first time I had sex and lost my boyish innocence.

I was 17-years-old and was not in any relationship. I hadn’t a girlfriend yet, but I had come across a few girls (neighbors and school mates) who were willing to experiment. I touched breasts, caressed thighs, felt the lump in between their legs through their pants and attempted to kiss them unsuccessfully. While they in turn touched my penis through my clothes till I had a wet patch on my shorts.

I was 17-years-old and was not in any relationship. I hadn’t a girlfriend yet, but I had…

As you become bolder, these kids become boring. And in my time, there were few teen girls who were sexually active, and I really wanted to feel what I have only imagined when reading Hints magazine and a few other novels. The writers made me believe that the moment my dick finds its way into a pussy, I would be out of this world. My imaginations were filled with how I’d thrust with the strength of a stallion and do all those things that always didn’t sound possible to me then like kissing her lips, neck, breasts and even her belly while maintaining a rhythm of thrusting into her as if that part of my body is on its own. I read in one of the stories then that girls even call out a man’s name when he’s thrusting in, I wanted that. I wanted to feel her hold me very tight and scream my name from her lungs. So I was ready.

I wanted to feel her hold me very tight and scream my name from her lungs. So I was ready.

There’s this older girl I always got movies for, she was in her mid-twenties. She was just visiting her brother’s place and was very fond of me. So I did what I thought would stand as wooing her. I cleared my allowance, bought her favourite fruit drink for her with the latest movies from the video club. And she jokingly asked “this one you got me these, are you sure you’re not looking for something else than watching a movie with me?”. Then I asked “will you give it to me?” She laughed so hard I became embarrassed. But I didn’t run out like my mind told me to. I stayed back, to at least enjoy the movie I hired. 

Halfway into the movie, she whispered “have you ever done it with anyone before”, half excited that she knew my goal for being there…I said ” No, I have never”. She went back to the movie. At this time, I was just watching her legs from the shorts she’s wearing and imagining her breasts and how they would feel on my palms. This imagination got me hung like a horse with a hard on.

she whispered “have you ever done it with anyone before”,

The movie finished. She got up and walked towards the door, I felt disappointed and thought “this is it, you tried”. Then I heard the door shut and bolted, I looked back and she smiled and said ” follow me”. She led me to her brother’s bedroom (it was a room and parlour), and she asked “do you have a condom?” I said Yes (excited. My friend Willi had given me a condom he always had in his wallet. He bequeathed it to me like a family heirloom, and expects to hear juicy gist.

She laid down on the bed on her back and asked me to join her. I quickly stripped off everything I was wearing including my boxers. She laughed as my dick popped up and pointed forward like a newly sharpened pencil. She was still clothed, so I started fumbling through my clothes, found the condom, and started struggling to open it. My heart was beating very fast and she came closer to me, took it from my hands, and with such precision tore it open and wore it on me with ease. It was the first time a girl touched the skin of my dick. And it felt inexplicably good.

She came closer to me, took it from my hands, and with such precision tore it open

Then she pulled down just the short she wore along with the pants, and the images I’ve only seen the erotic photos popped up before me. She left her blouse on and was naked from the waist downwards. I quickly climbed up next to her, started positioning my dick with one hand as I went to grab her breast with the other hand, but she smacked the hand on her breast off and said “don’t touch me, just put it inside me”. I started fumbling, I didn’t know the hole. I even almost went for the anal opening. So she took my dick, guided it inside. It was a feeling that was just…wow.

I felt this new warmth over my dick first, then over my whole self and I started thrusting, hoping to make her squirm like in the stories, and even make her call my name. But as I thrust for about thirty seconds, I felt it…the rush, which only came when I masturbated, it took over me and I grunted as I felt semen oozing out of me and into…you know…lol. Then I collapsed on her, she laughed, rubbed my back and quickly said ” Oya get up, dress up and go. My brother will soon return”.

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But as I thrust for about thirty seconds, I felt it…the rush, which only came when I masturbated,

I pulled out, she collected the semen filled condom, I wore my clothes, looked at her and said thank you, then left.  When I got to my house, I felt so disappointed. I just said “was this it?” sex felt too quick and sudden. I said okay, I will try again. After many rejections from her, she finally agreed again. This time I lasted longer, maybe seven minutes. I wouldn’t let myself ejaculate until she asked me to. Though she didn’t take her blouse off again (and no breasts or kissing for me)..,just thrusting with both hands on either sides of her belly.

After the second exercise, my feelings towards sex didn’t really change much, except for the bragging right that I have been with a woman. The experience didn’t come close to my imaginations, and I went on to become a celibate for the next nine years before I had sex with a smile on my face.

The experience didn’t come close to my imaginations, and I went on to become a celibate for the next nine years before I had sex with a smile on my face.

Getting laid requires creativity.  It is so energy sapping, and for what, a few minutes of  excitement? If you’re still a virgin, I want to say kudos. Please hold on to it for as long as you can. Do everything you would as a young person before you have sex, because after you do…your drive drops and keeps dropping till you lose interest in certain goals. Here is a test to show you how much sex takes away. Go celibate for a period. You will see clearer, your energy will be top notch and your mind will be so sharp to create whatever you want to. Sex is not necessarily overrated, if anything, it is underrated. It is such a powerful thing that we take for granted to our detriment.


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Prior to and during my secondary school education, I wasn’t given so much liberty, I attended a boarding school and was usually under surveillance but a girl’s got to have her way innit… I was really smart and versatile  and peculiar with many boy-girl tricks. It is safe to say no guy could pull a fast one on me. 

There was nothing like sex until I got to university at age 17. During my first year in school, I had a neighbour who I was fascinated by. You know this kind of guys who have charisma, mind their business and say little or no words to anyone yet girls trip, he is that kind. The times our paths crossed it would just be me having a glimpse of his shadow. Finally, my roommate introduced us as friends, unbeknownst to us that we were going to be bedmates in the future… lol.

Unbeknownst to us that we were going to be bedmates in the future… lol.

I was young, vulnerable, feeble-minded and most importantly, finally free. I could decide what I want at any given time compared to the regimented kind of life I was familiar with. Gradually, we became close, I would ask my roommate to serve him meals whenever we cooked, I pitied him so much, sometimes I would say to myself, “poor boy that has no one, how would he cope?” As if I had anyone

While he was reserved and quite intelligent, I was the social and versatile one…As time went by, I began to infect him with my charm, he had no choice but to fall for me as he wasn’t that experienced with the whole love thing. So we started a relationship that was beautiful whilst it lasted. Sex wasn’t a topic we talked about too much but we bore it in mind that it will happen at the right time when we were both ready.

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As time went by, I began to infect him with my charm, he had no choice but to fall for me as…

Unplanned maybe, but it happened. I can remember vividly what I was wearing, a long burnt orange polo dress, I had made dinner for the both of us and we were having a good time. Things got a little slippery and off we went. Truly, I didn’t know what I was doing until I did it. It happened so fast…awkwardly sweet…and messy. I had to lead, I had to take charge… you know why? It was also his first sex too. I can’t really tell if I felt deep emotions, for me it was like a project that had to be executed and gotten over with. I actually wasn’t ready, I thought I was but I wasn’t.  So about the messy side…there was blood, pain, and many other things happening  I couldn’t figure out at the time. No fun. As time went on, we transitioned into other sex styles, It took a while especially mental readiness before I started enjoying sex. 

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first sex
There was blood, pain, and many other things happening  I couldn’t figure out at the time.

Not against those who say sex is not a big deal, it is their opinion after all, for me, it actually is one big deal everyone should know about at the early stage of their life. Talks, sessions, advises, etc should be offered in this regard. Do not let children pick up stories from the wrong people and term it as knowledge or experience. If you want to abstain, you need to understand the reason why you want to abstain or why you are told to do so, not just following the bandwagon. Also to parents and guardians, approach matters a lot. Whatever approach you want to use to hold your point, make sure you drill your point and explain rightly up till the root, and be sure you are well understood and not assumedly perceived. A lot of people lose their virginity because they don’t understand why they shouldn’t. As partners, if you decide to be celibate, here are questions you can ask yourselves;

  1. Why Celibacy?
  2. What happens when we do, what is our gain?
  3. What are we looking forward to?
  4. What if we don’t?
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Why celibacy?

These above pointers also apply to singles. People should not put themselves under the societal pressure of ‘going celibate’ or ‘keeping their virginity’ when they don’t have deep insight into the core values and heavenly blessings surrounding it. Like the bible puts it in Hosea 4:6,  “my people perish because of lack of knowledge”, I think that’s what is wrong with a lot of us. I don’t have regrets, but I wish I would have had it in a better way. I have moved from it and have learnt to make my choices wisely.

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Growing up in Surulere, Lagos Nigeria, was one of the best things that happened to me. You know the popular saying “if you no fit wise for Lagos, you no fit wise anywhere” right? residents of Surulere have their own version which says, “if you no Ja for surulere, you no fit ja again for your life.” In plain English, it means If you don’t get wise living in Surulere, no other location can make you wise.

Living in surulere, you are exposed to a lot of things that will either make or break you and that includes sex at a young age. My first sex experience was almost at age fifteen, it was not how I envisioned it to be though. I imagined it would be after a candlelight dinner, roses on the floor and on the bed with soft slow music like I usually read in the many romantic novels my eldest sister owned (I always read them without her knowledge). To make it worse, my first sex wasn’t with the love of my life, it was more of me trying to act out what I watched in a pornographic film.

first sex
if you no JA for surulere, you no fit ja again for your life

Growing up I had a thing for older women and then living in a ‘face me I face you’ compound or ‘face me I slap you’ (whichever name you are familiar with), I had a lot of big aunties in my compound that I fancied and imagined sticking my penis in them. Crazy right? I was exposed to porn at a young age by a fellow kid in my compound who had stumbled on it from a Chip and Dale cartoon videotape his dad had bought for them. Poor dad, he had no idea such was on the tape because you had to wait about five minutes after the cartoon had ended for the porn to start playing.


Now to the big gist lol. My first sex happened after my Junior WAEC, spending a lot of time at home doing nothing, an idle mind was no doubt going to be the devil’s workshop. She was always home alone too because she wrote the exams as well. She got matured on time and looked like one of the BBW ladies from one of the porn videos I had watched. I usually sent her love notes indicating I wanted sex and somewhere at the back of my mind praying deep within that she doesn’t show her parents. Also to push my desires further, I would buy her agoyin and agege bread (local made beans and bread) every morning with my pocket money and finally one day she agreed.

first sex
She got matured on time and looked like one of the BBW ladies from one of the porn videos I had watched.

In my wildest imagination, I never pictured my first sex was going to happen inside a public bathroom but it was the safest because both our apartments were not safe, anyone could badge in at any time. I remember I had to go in through the bathroom window that had burglary proof. Guess what, they lived upstairs and we stayed downstairs, meaning I had to climb the iron that housed the water tank but was close to the bathroom window. Thinking of it now, I still don’t know how I managed to pull that off.

first sex
I tried all the moves I had watched in the porn videos with her.

I tried all the moves I had watched in the porn videos with her. Luckily for me, it was not her first time so she was always guiding me, also I think the videos helped a little. A lot changed about me afterwards, psychologically it made me start feeling and acting more mature than my age. I stopped doing what my age mates were doing and always wanted to be in the loop of every senior joke… after all what have they done that I haven’t? Socially my circle of friends changed, I stopped hanging around my mates but with the so-called big boys who introduced me to alcohol and more sex.

First sex
It became a routine

My relationship with her after the first sex improved a lot, I was always looking forward to the next time as she became a means for me to practice everything I watched or read about sex. In fact, it became a routine (twice every day), immediately everyone had left the compound to work and before everyone came back from work or school. Our relationship got bad when she started getting clingy and wanted me to let everyone know I was her boyfriend. Unfortunately for her I had already moved up a league, and she was my side chick, in my tiny mind oh…so I ran for my life. 

first sex
I used to have sex three or four times a day with different girls

During my university days, there were times I used to have sex three or four times a day with different girls (don’t judge me oh) but I have slowed down now. Looking back, I have a different view and I think the sex thing is just so overrated, most especially in Nigeria. Don’t say because I have had my own fair share now I am saying it is overrated oh, but if you look closely you will see it is.

My candid advice to virgins out there would be to stay virgins until they are very sure and want to give it up to the right person. Spoiler alert!  you always end up giving it to the wrong person LOL. Remain a virgin because it is easier to abstain from sex when you are still one than when you are not, trust me konji na bastard, in plain terms I mean sexual urge can make you go crazy.  If you try all the ‘I am going celibate’ yarns and you don’t have Christ in you, no principles, and still consume substances that spike the desire for sex, like alcohol and late-night romantic movies, or movies with plenty sex scenes, my dear your celibacy race will only last at most six months or maybe eight before you become the ‘knacker’ or the ‘knackee’ again.

first sex
Waking up one morning to say you want to go celibate when the other party is not in total support will affect the relationship.

Different people have different reasons why they always want to go celibate, as for me, I don’t want to and don’t plan to. I don’t even put the word in my head, because putting the word in your head will end up putting you under pressure. If I want to abstain, I abstain.

I am currently in a committed relationship and we are sexually active. Sex is good for the body and the mind when done the right way and without any pressure from either party. Waking up one morning to say you want to go celibate when the other party is not in total support will affect the relationship. So it is better not to lose your virginity than saying you want to go celibate in the long run.


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Every girl’s dream or should I say most is to wait until their wedding night to serve their cherry on a gold platter to that special someone for a pop. I was like most girls but my race was cut short after I stumbled upon his cute face. He had the most amazing smile and set of teeth I’ve ever seen and to crown it all, he was a senior member of the beard gang association… Oh, how I love beards!

Shortly after I gained admission into the university, I ran into Mr X, we had a lot of things in common which made our friendship kick off at a fast pace. We were inseparable and did almost everything together, including studying. He was consistent with checking up on me and always ensured I was comfortable by dropping gifts and goodies frequently. We both knew we wanted more than just basic friendship, but he had a girlfriend so it was a red flag. 

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first sex
To crown it all, he was a senior member of the beard gang association… Oh, how I love beards!

A new session began, and lord knows I couldn’t wait to set my eyes on him, I had missed him so much. Sometime during the holidays on one of our long phone conversations, he mentioned he had ended the relationship with his girlfriend, I was excited. As we kicked off the new semester he asked me out, I guess you already know what my answer was. 

Virtually every chance I got, I ensured my lips and tongue underwent a journey all over his lips, accompanied with some sexy lip bites…yes I love kissing, shoot me!!! and being a chairlady of the big boobs gang, I showed a little cleavage and skin whenever I could.

first sex
And being a chairlady of the big boobs gang, I showed a little cleavage and skin whenever I could…

For the first few weeks in the relationship, we were touring only the north region and never went down south. Although he made few attempts I always repelled his wishes mainly because of the scary stories I heard about how messy and painful first sex is. I wasn’t ready for such pain. Weeks went by until I brought myself to terms that it had to be done. O boy! I tasted the forbidden fruit and I could tell already that it was going to purge me because I was definitely going back for more. Although painful, my first sex was sweet and worth it.

First sex

I was a 19 years old girl who was deeply in love and felt it was the right time. I understood the implication of my decision. Prior to losing my virginity, I never saw myself as a jealous or insecure girlfriend but afterwards, these sides began to show. It seemed as though every girl I saw him talk to or hang out with was trying to replace me. Something in me felt like he had had the cookie and was ready to move over to the next available one. Crazy insecure thoughts right?

first sex
I was definitely going back for more. Surprisingly my first sex was sweet.

I couldn’t let him in on what my insecurities were to avoid looking desperate, God forbid anyone should perceive me that way. My insecurities built up and caused a huge dent in our relationship. I doubted every move and words he said and you know being in a relationship where one party doesn’t trust the other creates way for doom. After several attempts to make things work, we came to the conclusion of going our separate ways though we still remained friends. 

Looking back, I wouldn’t change anything even if I had the power to because every act shaped me into the lady that I am now, and truthfully I don’t think it would be fair to deprive my younger self of all the enjoyment I had. With him I had my best sexual experiences. 

first sex
After several attempts to make things work, we came to the conclusion of going our separate ways

Sex is not overrated, it is a beautiful experience and opening yourself to another being especially someone you’re deeply in love with is amazing. I used to think that I was a sex freak, and can never go celibate because whenever I was with him I can’t seem to keep my hands to myself but look at me now, I haven’t been with anyone in over seventeen months. 

If you’re still flying your V-card (still a virgin) and you’re caught between crossroads on what to do, don’t compromise for anyone whatsoever. Whatever you do should be on your own terms. 


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My first sex was more of an abuse than an experience, 10-years-old me getting deflowered by my female cousin who I think was about 18-years-old. Looking back, I wonder how a teenager got so spoilt, perhaps she was abused too.

She always came over especially during the weekend and on one occasion, she took a liking to touch me when no one was home. I didn’t think much of it then as I always felt since she bathed me and she was older there was no reason to object. Maybe I liked it also, I can never say, but then she kept playing with my penis every time we were alone. Fortunately for her, we were always alone, as I was an only child then and my parents were never around.

first sex experience
Fortunately for her, we were always alone, as I was an only child then and my parents were never around.

One day, I was on my bed reading (one of those kid storybooks) when she came in and asked me to massage her back. I was glad to abandon my book as I was already bored, she took off her clothes in front of me and made me stare at her boobs. I was amazed at the sight so I got on her back and started rubbing her back. She turned and I had her breasts in my hands. She got me to rub them and before I knew it, she already got my penis out of my pants.

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Then she asked me to take my clothes off and lie on my back. I obeyed and she started blowing me, I had never ever felt the way I felt that day. It wasn’t comfortable, the only thing I knew my penis was for was to pee, the idea of a mouth sucking it was strange and confusing for me. After that she started fingering herself and she sat on my dick, at first I didn’t know what she was doing was called sex, it didn’t even occur to me that that moment would mar my life for a very long time.  She got on with riding me till I started crying and grumbling that my penis was hurting. She threatened that if I don’t remain quiet, she was going to slap me. She kept riding and moaning until she started shivering and collapsed on me. Afterwards, she got dressed and acted like that day never happened till today.

first sex experience
Afterwards, she got dressed and acted like that day never happened till date.

It was like a game I didn’t understand, from that moment I wasn’t the same, I kept wondering what happened. I was confused and curious to know what we did, I couldn’t ask my parents because we were not close. I didn’t know I was even dis-virgined until two years later when I watched my first porn and knew what sex really was. I got curious and wanted to experience the feeling again. I became obsessed with anything that had to do with sex. 

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I wanted to experience that feeling again with my cousin.  I was addicted to her, I would smell her panties and clothes, even if it’s just to feel myself and get hard. Unlike me, she was mean to me afterwards, she never called me up for it and kept acting like nothing happened. But I wanted her, I wanted her to ride me again, but she never wanted me again. I was obsessed with her until I was about seventeen years old.

first sex experience
Until two years later when I watched my first porn and knew what sex really was

The incident made me addicted to sex. I lost count of the number of girls I have slept with just to experience that never-ending lust and sexual urge my cousin created in me. I couldn’t have a normal relationship with girls, I didn’t have a female friend that I never wanted to sleep with, my relationships didn’t last four months as I was never satisfied with the same girl after three times of having sex with them.

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Much later in my adult life, it dawned on me that it wasn’t normal so I opted to see a counsellor. I realized the sexual abuse was what triggered my obsession with sex so I began therapy. As time went on, I got help and started living a normal life. 

first sex experience
There’s no soul connection or bond there, it isn’t two lovers meeting each other in blissful pleasure and harmony, it’s just sex.

You might think that my opinion is biased because of my experience but sex is overrated. I know a lot of styles and I’ve slept with all types of girls, so it really isn’t anything more than the penetration and cumming after minutes of pounding. There’s no soul connection or bond there, it isn’t two lovers meeting each other in blissful pleasure and harmony, it’s just sex. 

Virgins shouldn’t burst their caps or sweat their balls trying to perfect their first time, but they should just be careful with who they lose it to because we always most of the time end up getting addicted to our first partners. 


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My first sex experience wasn’t the cliche ‘love struck’ thing neither was it passionate or sweet. It was a ‘red’ episode.

I lost my virginity at the age of seventeen to a guy way older than me. Truth be told, I actually did like him because he was nice or maybe it was all pretence. One afternoon after summer lesson I paid him a visit (a harmless visit, I thought), fast forward past the jokes and laughter, the mood became intense and the young man began to cajole me for “just the tip”. Young and naive or should I say a part of me was curious so I gave in.

Without full penetration, my hymen broke. The blood flow coupled with severe pains made me scream so much like a woman in labour. “Don’t worry, it’s better I did it at least it won’t be hard when you get to the university”, he said. No empathy whatsoever, he felt he was doing me a favour and my timid self couldn’t react. 

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first sex experience
No empathy whatsoever, he felt he was doing me a favour and my timid self couldn’t react.

Why did I visit? I messed up. In this part of the world where mental health is given no importance, it affected me mentally but I couldn’t speak to anyone about it. I became uncomfortable with sex talks, scared of the thought of penetration and cringed whenever I heard words like penis, dick or prick. Yuck!

My fears followed me to university, I hated guys to some extent, I could only cope in a relationship so long as sex wasn’t involved. I had sweet relationships but I usually would jump, scream, and sometimes cry whenever they asked for sex. This was how I scaled through several relationships in university.

first sex experience
Love me? but no sex!

Fast forward to life after university, waiting to serve ‘mama Nigeria’, I liked someone, he was crazier about me than I was though. He is smart, a spender(he had good money), liked to show his woman off, a good adviser, and a deep talker. No lies, I was blown away, which girl on earth wouldn’t want that kind of man?  Definitely not me. Even though at that time I was all about myself, career and tried not to make love a priority, I really liked him and he was serious about a relationship and settling down with me.

He said I was different, I made sure he knew my stance on how painful and uninteresting I saw sex and so all attempt to make love was a ‘No No’ until one fateful night after our ‘romantic beach trip’. After having so much fun, we got to the estate only to realize the entrance gate was locked so we lodged in a hotel.

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first sex experience
One fateful night after our “romantic beach trip”

An unforgettable experience but he was a sweet gentleman. I knew I wasn’t ready but it just happened. I had to binge drink some alcohol to make me numb to the pains and his sweet words made me more comfortable too. “It won’t hurt, not everyone bleeds the first time”, he assured me.  The loud-soft scream I let out with my eyes shut ended the night. This was a few days after my 21st birthday. 

Sex felt overrated, I was indifferent and wondered if everything people said was true or possibly I had it with the wrong person. No, I didn’t look forward to another sexcapade but  I was in a relationship so it happened over and over. I was legit trying to at least enjoy it and have the experience people talked about. 

first sex experience
I was legit trying to at least enjoy it and have the experience people talked about.

Here’s something I figured, one could actually care and love you without sex involved, also, not every relationship should be all about sex. Although we broke up, we still keep in touch cause beyond the sex, we are both intellectuals and still discuss business and life. My childhood experience did have a grave effect on me but overcoming it is what matters. Glad I was able to meet someone who made sex worth trying again. When people ask me what age I lost my virginity, I usually say 21, because I have chosen to let that bad memory go away and stick with this beautiful one.

Sex is sacred for me. If you don’t love them, don’t sex them, especially if it’s your first time to avoid bad memories lurking. Even though I looked forward to candle lights, sweet savouring smell, roses littered in a jacuzzi for the first time, I believe it played this way for a reason. And hey, to virgins out there wondering if to try or not, make sure it’s  not because of peer pressure or empty talks.


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4 min read

My first sex experience was remarkable. Everything I expected and more.

Some backstory. For the longest time, I thought there was something “wrong” with me sexually. I couldn’t masturbate. I was terrified of sex and extremely scared of penises. I was convinced I’d never have sex.

Fast forward to my (ex) boyfriend. I told him this when we were friends, he was very understanding. Once we started dating, he assured me we could do as much or as little as I was comfortable with. We started off slow, spending a month and a half getting familiar with our bodies and what made us tick.

first sex experience
Something just told us today was the day.

No one was home. We were getting ready to leave for dinner (it was a surprise for his birthday). Something just told us today was the day. I was filled with anticipation as he double-checked that the condom was in place. I was so excited. He held my hand and asked me if I was sure about this. It was his first time too. I assured him I was more than sure.

And honest to God, as cliche and cheesy as this is, it was “magical.” I didn’t feel any pain. Just pure pleasure. He was gentle in all the right ways and not so gentle at all the right times. My boyfriend had been in love with me for a while but I just “liked” him. But something inside me changed. It felt as if we were now connected by body and soul, cheesy as FUCK, I know. I was filled with so much love for him at that moment. We both felt it. In the middle of it all, I declared “I love you.”

First sex experience
And honest to God, as cliche and cheesy as this is, it was “magical.” I didn’t feel any pain. Just pure pleasure.

We lasted a while. We were late for dinner. His friends knew what was up, it was written all over our faces. My feelings of love didn’t disappear once it was over. It was one of the best moments of my life. Although he’s no longer in my life, I will continue to cherish it.


First Sex Experience Series:

Whether you’ve had a lot of sex experiences or none at all, two things are certain: If you’ve had sex, you can never forget your first experience even though as time goes on it might become tiny fragments in your imagination. And if you haven’t had sex, you are most times likely to catch yourself picturing how the first time will be. 

There are several facts and myths surrounding having sex for the first time, it varies per gender.

An Approved List of Things That Can Go Into Your Vagina – SheKnows

For Females:
  • Compulsory pain and bleeding.
  • Becoming clingy to their first sex partner.
  • Body changes.
  • Feeling of regret or remorse (especially depending on circumstances surrounding).
For Males:
  • Overt excitement.
  • Ego boost.
  • Increase in penis size.
  • Looking forward to more sex adventure


First-Time Sex: 20 Questions About Losing Your Virginity, Answered ...

While these are based on collective generalizations, a lot of virgins are unsure about what to expect. Losing one’s virginity is a unique experience, despite prior knowledge about sex and daydreams, you cannot be certain it will match your expectations or fall short except you try. 

You’re probably wondering why I’m all about sex today right? Well to wrap up the month of April starting from the 27th up until May 4th, 2020, we’ll be sharing stories about our first sex experience (#FirstSexExperienceSeries).

First sex experience

Why are we doing this? Asides from the fact that curiosity makes us drawn to the untold stories of people, sex ranks among the shyest topics. People avoid it especially their first experience. So I thought, why not give people a platform to talk about their first sex experience with the sole purpose of narrating it in a didactic way. There’s a lot to learn.

Sex means different things to a lot of people. To some it is the best kind of intimacy/ bonding with their significant other, to some it is a sacred act, to some it is only a duty and to some, for mere pleasure. I don’t know how true it is but I read somewhere that whatever sex means to a person goes a long way in defining who they really are. Also, what it means to an individual could change as they experience life.

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How was your first sex experience? Is it worth learning from no matter the circumstances surrounding it? Is it one you’ll love to share? If yes, the following are vital questions your story should provide answers to if they must be featured.

  • At what age did you lose your virginity?
  • Would you say it was the right time or due to pressure?
  • Did the experience meet your expectations?
  • How did you feel afterwards? (body changes, psychologically, socially)
  • Did it make your relationship better or worse? More intimate/clingy?
  • Were there any regrets?
  • Did you look forward to a second time?
  • What does sex mean to you?
  • Is sex is overrated?
  • What advice would you give to virgins?

It is important that you stay truthful in telling your story, you never know who is learning. All stories should be sent using the ‘Submit Story’ page. If you wish to remain anonymous, kindly indicate in your story. Thank you for your willingness in advance, I can’t wait!


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9 min read

Majority of the world believe incest is a sin, but is it really? Especially when it’s between two consenting adults? 

The first time I had sexual thoughts about my mother I was about 8 or 9 years old.  At that time we used to live in an old kind of run down house and were quite poor. The bathroom had a door on it with a glass pane that was broken. So you could look through and see whoever was showering.  I used to secretly look through the broken pane and enjoy the delicious splash of the water over her naked breasts and masturbate while watching her. At that age, I never had an orgasm but was still thrilled and felt a deep erotic charge whenever I had the chance to watch her. It was always a huge risk that I would get caught by my father, so I was always scared and aroused at the same time, and I made sure that I didn’t stay watching too long so that I wouldn’t get caught.

At about the age of 10 years old I first became aroused by my mothers’ lingerie and knickers. I used to secretly sniff her knickers when she was out and particularly enjoyed the musky smell of her pussy juice on her dirty knickers. It was a smell that I adored and I’ve always loved the smell of pussy since then.

smelling pant fetish


When I was about 12 years old my mother gave me a book on puberty and it had a chapter in it on how to masturbate. I was really surprised at how modern and open minded my mother seemed to have become because when I was younger I’d once asked her where babies came from and she told me a false fairy story about how the stalk brought babies and then they were cut out of her stomach. I knew she was lying, but I just wanted to see what she would say. I already knew how babies were born.

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At the age of 13 my father died. He’d been sick for about a year and he knew he was going to die so he went to Nigeria to die.  My mother went to Nigeria to conduct the funeral and took my two youngest siblings with her and left the rest of us with friends and relatives for the duration. Eventually she got back.

15 years later, my siblings and I had grown into different paths but I agreed to come home and look after my mother. Her place was also handy as it was close to where I worked and I saved a lot of money on rent.

sex with my mother after my father passed


A Helping Hand… Indeed

I was 39 and I was living with my mother. After my father had died my mother had never had any other partner.  She said that she didn’t want any man to try and control her, or tell her how to raise her children. 

This Sunday morning, I had music playing quite loudly so I didn’t hear my mother calling me. She decided to come up to see me and tell me that she wanted to talk to me. We were always very open with each other about everything. We were both relaxed about nudity between us and had become very close as she didn’t have many good friends and I was the only one she could talk to. She knew that I sometimes had sex with men as well as with women, and she hoped I would settle down with the right man or woman. 

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Students explain, celebrate bisexuality pride – The Daily Eastern News

She came into the bedroom and saw me while I was naked masturbating and moaning, but I hadn’t cum yet. She looked at me and watched me for a few seconds and then smiling she said, ‘Let me help you’. I was surprised and delighted and embarrassed at the same time. I couldn’t hide my erection which was full and hard. I was torn between saying “no, it’s ok, I’ll do it myself” or stopping and getting dressed to have the conversation. She said “Let me get some baby oil”. I was surprised but also touched by her caring support and so aroused that I didn’t want to stop masturbating at that moment. 

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I didn’t object, and had secretly and half ashamedly hoped that one day she would enjoy seeing me masturbate and had fantasies that she would want to lick and suck my dick. She went to my cupboard and got out the baby oil, opened the top and poured some on her hands. Then she sat beside me on my bed, moved closer and took my dick in her hand. She said, “Son, just relax and be yourself, I know what you need. I’m your mother and I love you”. I knew that it was unusual but at the same time I thought that she’s my mum and she knows me as well as I know myself, and after all no one would ever know.

masturbating with my mother

She took off her nightie and I delighted in seeing my mum’s hairy pussy which I have wanted to fuck and suck, and I fantasized about burying my head in her hairy bush. I didn’t mind that her breasts were flat with thick long nipples.

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My mum knew that I had some sex toys under my bed and she bent down and took out a soft small black rubber penis shaped dildo.  “Do you want me to use this on you?” she said.  I shook my head but really wanted to nod my head and say yes. Instead I said, “No not yet, please keep masturbating me and suck me first”. I loved the way she sucked my dick, slow and sweet and masturbating me lovingly at the same time. She caressed my dick slowly and gently and gradually masturbating me faster and faster, and when she felt I was about to cum she would stop for a few seconds.  I moaned in ecstasy and we looked into each others eyes. She masturbated me and sucked my dick until I cum in her face and on her breasts.  Then she sucked and swallowed my cum sweetly and lovingly, and put her tongue in the hole at the top of my dick and sucked all the last drops of cum from my dick. She then pulled my head to her mouth and kissed me so deep that I too tasted and swallowed my cum from her mouth. 

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After I had cum, we lay still for a little while. Me and my mother wrapped in each others arms. Soon she began kissing me on my mouth and I parted my lips and opened my mouth for her to put her tongue in. I began caressing her nipples and she pushed her breast to my mouth for me to suck. She played with one of her nipples while I sucked her other nipple.  I loved sucking her breasts and imagined that I was a child and wished that she had milk that I could suck. While I sucked her breasts, I began fingering her pussy slowly with one finger and then two fingers, and fucked her pussy with my fingers for a while and she moaned with joy. Soon she was very wet and I took my fingers out and bent my head between her legs and began licking and sucking her clit and and thrusting my tongue deep in her pussy. Soon she let out a loud moan as she cum in my mouth and shouted “OHH!” as she peed in my mouth.

golden showers with my mum


Guilt, Confusion & Assurance

Afterwards, I felt embarrassed , ashamed and guilty of sin. I had been brought up as a Roman Catholic Christian and I felt sick with disgust at myself. Would I now be condemned to Hell? How can I face my mother again? What does she think and feel? Will she hate me and kick me out? Maybe I should leave and find somewhere else to live? I was shaking and tearful with fear and self-loathing and confusion. I was just about to think of packing my bags when I heard my mother opening the door arriving back from shopping. I decided to try and talk with her and see if it was still possible for us to live together normally after what had happened. 

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My mother said “Are you ok son? Tell me what’s on your mind?”. I said “I’m confused about what happened between us and what we did. I’m scared that we will do it again”. My mother said, “Do you want us to stop? I don’t feel what we did was wrong. You’re an adult and so am I. What we do is our secret. It can be just a lovely experience we had. Did you not like it?”. I said, “I feel a bit ashamed and I’m worried about what if someone finds out? I did enjoy it but I feel guilty because I know that you haven’t had any relationship with anyone for all these years since my dad died. I feel that maybe I was taking advantage of you?”. She said, ”I’m old enough to know and understand what we did was not normal. But not being normal doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. It’s just different. It’s also not wrong because we both wanted it and I know I enjoyed it. I never wanted sex with just anyone. As a woman, I can still get that easily if I want, even though I’m nearly 70. I wanted to make love and we made good love that I enjoyed because I love you son, and I know how much you love me.” I said, “ Should I go and find somewhere else to live?”.

incest relationship with my mother

She said ”I can understand why you would feel the need to do that, but think about the practicalities. You’re not earning much. So you save a lot of money on rent as I only ask you to help with food and bills. So from a practical point of view it makes sense to stay here for at least another 6 months. What do you think about that?”  I said, “ I think that if I stay here then we might be tempted to have sex again.” She said, “No, we wouldn’t have sex again, we would make love. What we did was with caring and feeling and from a place of love. I’m not ashamed. I will make love with you again. But only if you want to.”

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I said, “What if one of my brothers or sisters found out? What if somehow someone in my job found out?”. She said “Do you really think I will tell any of your brothers and sisters that we made love? And I’m sure that you won’t tell any of your friends or work colleagues. So no one will know. No one will find out.”


She Knew All Along 

Same day…I went up to my bedroom, took off all my clothes, and as it was a warm summer night I lay on the bed naked, ready for sleep and work the next morning. I was almost asleep when I heard my mother calling me. I thought that maybe something was wrong or she wanted to talk and had changed her mind and wanted me to leave.  I went downstairs naked and she was also naked on her bed with the soft night time lamp on. Her legs were open and beside her on the bed were her soaking wet panties. 

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She said, ”It’s nice to see your erect cock. But first I want to tell you something. When you were a child I often saw you watching me shower through the broken pane of glass on the door. I didn’t stop you as I wanted you to see what a woman looks like naturally and not get false ideas from porn when you were older.  And I knew that you were sniffing my dirty knickers as the laundry basket was always in the wrong order when I did the washing. ”I was shocked, I responded, ”But what if my father had seen me? He would have beaten me so mercilessly and maybe shouted at you.” She said, “I know you masturbated and cum in my knickers as I could smell that the cum was different from your fathers cum.” I said, “Oh! Now I’m embarrassed and ashamed!”. She said, “It’s ok. How else was a little boy to learn about his sexuality? I have wet my knickers from masturbating and I have put them next to me on the bed for you to play with. Come and lay next to me. I can see from your erect cock that you want me, don’t you?”

bisexual man has sex with his mother

I’m sure you already know what happened next. Sex with my mother became a thing, it happened every other day until she passed away seven years ago. 

Dear reader, having read my experience and how consensual it was with my mother, would you still tag me a sinner? A sinner because what I did is wrong? Like my mother said, something being wrong doesn’t make it a sin. I love histories, and getting immersed in ancient Egyptian stories, I feel no more  guilt finding out that the Egyptians held in high esteem sex between family members to retain heirs to the throne. What makes this age different? I’ll want your sincere comments on this 😶👇👇

7 min read

“Oooh ahhhh…mmmmm..ahhhh” my quiet moans litters the whole room. “Awww baby could you stroke your dick for me?” He gets at it softly, up and down he strokes with special care for his pinkish reddish cap. “Sheeeshhh… mmmm…ooohhh, dammit baby! I want it all in my mouth baby”. It’s become a slippery slope, all thanks to the divine mixture of precum and lotion. I wish to put it all in my mouth, his dick! But I can only watch and moan and multitask soft-handling my boobs with my left hand. It’s easy-peasy as they’re perky and almost smallish, all my left fingers could pleasure them at once. He delights at my boobs by giving a moan quieter than mine. There was a time I usually blamed his shallow moans on masculine ego, but I grew to see it as an indefatigable men trait. So I enjoy the moment.” Baby imagine me sucking them with soft spanks on your giggly ass, you’ll love it right?”… These words send me into a higher gear of sensual urges, a kind that makes my iris seem like it’s escaping the sclera, like one in a trance. 

Whew!! This is all we can do, sometimes blessed with precums, sometimes a molehill of cums and orgasms, other times, rude interruptions with my mum screaming my name two rooms away. I better dash out of the toilet and pretend to be fast asleep on my bed. Arrrhhh!! To think that I was almost hitting climax, dammit mum!

dripping cum
Image source- Sex Comics

The Juice Of Video Chat Sex

Ever tried video chat sex with your partner? Or maybe someone else? Woah, I actually enjoy it especially on some special occasions like when the weather is cozy and bae is far away in Queensland. I’m sure to orgasm in a way that sends me into some sweet sleep… oops! You really think ladies cannot have an orgasm this way?  Try me then lmao. Quit the jokes, only 25% of ladies orgasm through intercourse, the other percentage is seen in spontaneous activities, video chat sex inclusive. I rate it a great way to spice up a relationship, it shouldn’t be reserved for only long-distance couples.

best angles for nudes
Source- Metro

Before I ever tried video chat sex, I had experienced erotic phone calls (phone sex) with this dude when I was 19 I think, those free midnight calls thanks to MTN live rent-free in my head. I was just bursting into the outer world when I met this dude on one ‘very weird’ site as I love to describe it. We exchanged numbers and most nights after that held me captive in sexual secrecy. We never met, so it was easy to run wild. He taught me much naughty stuff that backfired as I saw the guy I later started dating as boring. Like how does he not know these stuff!! My little brain was so slow to process that he was only an innocent boy who still hid in school toilets to steal kisses and barely understood the right gears for masturbation. Anyway, I activated my girl power to get him to try, and knowing his ego was at stake, he obliged.  But it wasn’t it, his voice was more clownish and not one bit sensual, I knew it was a lost cause at this point! 

words to say during phone sex
Image Source- Greatist

The Deadliest Sin Of A Sex TAPE

I don’t expect you to agree you’ve ever made a sex tape, but if you do, bold strokes! This was supposed to be a stand-alone piece with my friend Romeo holding the pen and unraveling his delight for making sex tapes. Unfortunately, dude got so little yet in-depth take to share. 

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“Well making sex tape actually is fun and adventurous. However, it must be consensual. For someone with my kind of personality who loves to explore and loves adventure.  It is awesome for me when a lady accepts that we do a sex tape. Getting to watch it after we are done is a tremendous turn-on. There is a weird psychology behind that which a vanilla will never relate to. I’ll propose it for someone who is sexually dynamic in exploration and just love crazy stuff and want to use different ingredients to achieve that crazy feeling. Sex tape is the deal. You get to see how everything went, how you both reacted, the sounds uhm. I mean that’s A for me .”- Romeo

I totally agree with Romeo. Although I’ve never made a sex tape before, I’ve had the privilege of a series of ‘makeout’ tapes which seems so much like the real deal. I find it beautiful watching them over and over again, especially on some lonely nights when I want to flick the bean. It gives me a kind of sensation porn doesn’t dare come close to, it’s a natural especially if you cherish the person with you in it. The funniest thing about it is you get to see how ugly you are in bed, like fucking ugly! I be thinking to myself the whole time watching “how is this man attracted to this thing”“For christ’s sake!! Is this how I kiss?? It’s so yuck!” I’m a tad embarrassed but it still gives me an orgasm watching.

easiest way to make a sex tape with your man
Image Source- Pornhub

Trade By Barter Nudes

I hate seeing pictures of any man’s dick, be it my man’s. Dicks, I prefer to see physically or in motion on video chat sex, don’t you dare spam me with your dick photos! I tolerate my man’s but frankly, I’m less than 1% aroused the whole time, but shall I pretend? Absolutely! However, sending my nudes appears to be the sexiest thing ever, especially my boobies. Randomly I enjoy taking snapshots of my boobs, in different angles while I adore them in all their full glory. And then this one-shot hits, and it makes me feel like the sexiest woman on earth before Emilia Clarke. Woe betides me if I decide to keep this beauty to myself. Ping! Ping! In split seconds, bae receives the memo, he can wank on it as he pleases.

Ever been in this situation where you meet someone new and they start asking for nudes? Such clowns! Well, let me not lie, if I’m feeling the nigga, I opt for trade by barter nudes. Duurrrhh! Even though I hate dick pictures, he has to commit by sending me first, it makes me feel safe to send mine but not with my face in it. I remember making this particular dude go through seven hells by asking him to send different shots of his penis only for me to abscond without returning the favor. He still hates me, but I care less.

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The Golden Rule is “Do not share nudes with your face in it”... hmmm this doesn’t apply to me if he’s my man though. There’s something about the face that makes the image more boner triggering, especially if you know how to wear that resting bitch seductive face on. Oops! Do not run with my advice!!

making sex tape
Image Source- Metro


One time I played a prank on my friends that my ex was threatening to make viral my nudes, they were so furious and told me to call his bluff. For a moment, about three of them were shocked to find out that I normally send nudes. “For real Uju, you send nudes!?” one of them accosted me, she wouldn’t believe it. The problem is my friends rate me too serious for certain sexual ish. More like a nerdy kinda person. Does it mean they haven’t watched any porn with a nerd in it? I actually enjoy those categories. 

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What happens when you fall out with someone who has an archive of your nudes though😂😂? Because I trusted them in the first place, I’m usually not scared. Something very hilarious happened recently, my friend called me and asked me a quite unrelated question. “Uju how far, how can I delete a message I sent to someone on Instagram?” I had no right answers because I hadn’t done it before, most likely because I have no personal IG. But I got on with whining her on the reason she needed to delete something only for her to open up that her ex contacted her to do some digital marketing work and thankfully he gave her his password. My girl said she wants to delete her nudes o😂😂, before she gets bursted. I laughed ehn… thankfully we found a way. But wait a minute! You all send nudes on IG?? 😂😂😂 I don’t trust that platform, its WhatsApp or nothing for me because what if my IG gets hacked 😱. Even with WhatsApp, I carry out the act with my heart in my mouth, I switch off my data on most cases to be sure I’m sending directly to the dude and not my status. I’ve made countless mistakes of uploading things on status, instead of sending as a DM. Thankfully, nudes ain’t one.

what to do when your nude leaks
Image Source- Wall Street Journal

Sometimes I have this weird case scenario running in my mind though, what if one of these dudes decides to leak my nudes, what can I possibly do? Find the goat and insert a nuclear weapon in his asshole? Delete every trace of myself existence from social media? For sure I’ll be too embarrassed and maybe a bit of crying, but I’m sure to find solace in the comments that’ll speak on how sexy my body is though 😂😂😂. 

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So do you send nudes? Make video chat sex or sex tapes? Ever been close to being bursted? Or bursted?! Let’s gist in the comment section 😂😂. If you’ve never done any of these, I’m curious to know why too. Remember all liars shall perish 🤭👇 .