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What A Prickly Reminder does

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When you have a fall out with someone do you always wish them the worst?

Well, Yes, I do! Or rather, more than half the time. It’s satisfying to wish them evil after all they annoyed me so why not! I’m sure you do the same too even if sometimes.

So yesterday I reconciled with a friend after prolonged malice, we reflected on everything that happened, what led to what and the side effects. It’s so funny that he even confessed to unfollowing me on Instagram. He said he’s been meaning to follow back but he’s not sure how I will feel.

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He just didn’t want to see any ‘Junk’ that reminded him of me. So he erected so many barricades, especially on social media.

Wondering why the heck they are posting so much on the gram

Well, guess what! I wasn’t angry, I understood him not just because I am capable of doing the same but because I know how prickly a reminder of someone who did you dirty can be… its always as ‘Prickly as Hell’

The feeling is hell! Especially on social media, one glance at their picture and you wonder why the heck they are smiling. And then it begins to feel like their adrenaline grew to post so much of junks … well, I don’t even hesitate to utilize my mute button on Whatsapp. I just wouldn’t be seeing your face at such times.

It’s ridiculous because it subliminally metamorphoses to a thing of ‘who’s living their best life’. Flaunting pictures, posting unnecessary quotes and so many more the other part wouldn’t love to deal with.

My pissed look staring at their pictures before I click ‘Mute’

It’s funny how we do the most when someone gets in our bad book especially the ones we care(d) about. How we begin to perceive them and how they suddenly look mundane in our eyes. Times like this, their flaws become very visible and we wish the worst happens to them so that they come running back to us.

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It’s feeling is funny and absurd. Moments like this we crave reconciliation on a platter yet we are very reluctant to move the motion?

But here’s the deal, if someone got me angry and I don’t feel in any of these ways I have written or even more, then they never meant a thing to me or I got over them real fast.

Fact is, our love gets wicked when the ones we care about presses hard on our toes. Every reminder of them is as prickly as hell. 

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3 years ago

When I fall out with someone, I don’t wish them the worst. I unfollow them on all social media platforms, delete their phone numbers and delete every thought of them in my memory. I fell out with a friend last week and I have forgotten that somebody like him exists. I don’t know how I do it and it never ceases to amaze me. We were very close and I thought my life would grind to a halt if I stopped talking to him. I have siblings I have not spoken to in years and I deleted their numbers. My… Read more »

3 years ago

Yeah, it’s a gift: a gift you can acquire. I think the secret formular is: do all the giving and loving in a friendship or relationship, so you won’t have misgivings ending it when things go awry. For instance, I patronize my friends’ businesses even when I don’t necessarily need the products they sell. I’m the type of friend that will buy beads(something I definitely don’t need) from a friend to support her business. I buy shoes I don’t need just to keep my friend’s business afloat. This is something they won’t do for me and I honestly don’t blame… Read more »

Jules Jeremiah
Jules Jeremiah
2 years ago
Reply to  Darius

I’m in this boat too. I donno how I do it too🤧, but it feels good When the first LOML broke up with me, he came around the house the day after the break up to see my elder brother, I didn’t raise a brow. It wasn’t a conscious effort cos I didn’t even feel the struggle to avoid him. I looked him in the face, smiled and walked away. I didn’t feel any atom if hurt or pain or love. Aaaahhhh! That’s when I discovered in not from this world. It’s really not been difficult to get rid of… Read more »

King Blessed
King Blessed
2 years ago

I think I had been like this before but I am not anymore. I am trying hard to remember any particular case but I am sure it does happen.

Jules Jeremiah
Jules Jeremiah
2 years ago

Talking about prickly reminders, I won’t block you o. I’ll edit your name as saved on my contact list to the first most deserving shit that comes to mind. Then once in a while, I’ll do a screenshot of one of your status updates and repost with a random caption that’d take my viewers mind off the top except yours. You’ll sure know I stole your status update, and in the verge of reading my caption, you’ll see what I saved your name as. And you can’t comment cos we’re both being angrily proud, but you’ll get the message and… Read more »

2 years ago

Anytime I have a fall out with a person, I go as far deleting numbers, deleting, muting and following them on all social media platforms, truth is i don’t want anything that would disturb my peace. I just prefare they stay away from me just as I would stay away from them.
I still wish them well anyway but from a distance

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