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A Quagmire is Enjoyed with Friends inside

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When The Rebels Disappoint…

“Hi Sophie, good morning. How far, were you able to read English for Journalism Course?” I asked with my hopes up, so sure she was going to say No.

“Hi, Doris! Yes, I have started. The course actually got interesting. Beside hubby encouraged me to begin”. There goes Sophie’s response. 

On God, I wish I had a golf ball to throw at her skull so I could get her thinking straight. How could she have? 


Here’s what happened Prior to this… In a bid to make us better journalists, the publishing editor where we work made it mandatory for us to study a Journalism course on Coursera and failure to do so will involve higher authorities and pay slash.

I was not going to study the course, at least not this past week. Asides that I got pissed at the threat to improve my skill, I was ill and had a lot of activities to cover this past weekend. 

Getting to work yesterday, aka D Day, a select few of my colleagues who had initiated a mini-revolt over the course last week began speaking some English I couldn’t comprehend. 

ME: Did you read the course?

Person 1: Errrrm kinda, I just glanced through last night.

Person 2: Not really, I watched the videos, it was quite helpful.

Person 3: I’m almost done with the course.

At this point, I knew that my adversaries had caught up with me.

Misery Loves Company

Well, that’s enough about me. Many times we wish we were sunk in the same predicament with our friends and that’s because It makes it bearable. Does it mean we don’t wish them well? No. It only goes to show how well misery loves company

A person who reads day and night to pass an exam only to end up failing won’t be as sad if she knows her close friends failed it too.

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A lady who is single somewhere at the back of her mind wishes her friends were single too. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like she’s jealous but if the status were even, it will allay the burden of questioning one’s worth.

This might rub off as silly but then it’s one of the genuine qualities that validates our human nature. We are this way. No one wants to be left behind especially when it has to do with a failing remark.

My Adversaries Caught up but it was a Draw

Now back to my story…

“How many of you are done with the English for Journalism course”…the boss charged.

Wow! No hands were up. Not even Sophie’s or the recalcitrant child who told me he watched only the videos. 

I got saved yesterday yippy!

I have never been this relieved in a long time at work. Guess what, all our names were filed to the HR. All the while in my mind I was singing sweet praises to God. What if she gave a hall pass to those who haven’t completed it at least? I would have been the scapegoat of the company knowing fully well Christmas has been long gone.

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I got saved yesterday yippy! It’s a lesson. Catch me next Monday defending the course.  Heaven knows I wouldn’t take this grace for granted. 


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3 years ago

Wow it’s not every day we see colleagues or friends like this, but irrespective of that don’t be caught unguarded. Muttering minds go and prepare for that course.

Mama Jay
Mama Jay
3 years ago

How dare you?😂😂😂 This was such a hilarious read😂😂😂

3 years ago

I have been in situations where we, my colleagues and I, would agree to flout a rule instituted by our head that we deem unfair or exploitative, but before you know it, some of my colleagues would start complying with the rule, making the rest of us who do not comply look like rebels.

I have learnt to walk alone when necessary. I don’t want to form an alliance with colleagues and end up in a dicey situation.

3 years ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you are on your own. I usually feel that way sometimes.

Bibi Mela
Bibi Mela
3 years ago

LoL… your song this moment should be “Jesus loves me this I know”. 😂😂😂 you’ve Sha been given a second chance. go and sin no more!

2 years ago

I am laughing and crying 🤣🤣🤣. This is so hilarious. Mehn! I can relate. Some colleagues are “amazing” sha

2 years ago

😂😂 I relate so well.
Whenever I’m given an assignment or project to submit, I’m always more gingered not to do it if my friends haven’t 😂😂.

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