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A Victim of An Apprentice’s First Real Try

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Hairstyling is one skill I’ve always craved for,  so my love for it got me to enroll in a saloon for a duration of two years. 

I’m actually six months on the training and if you ask me it’s quite a handful at least enough to learn beyond the peripherals. 

Now to the issue,  I want to say that it is very discouraging to have customers come and they won’t let you touch their hair simply because they think you are not good enough. I know I am an apprentice,  but how would I learn if you don’t let me touch your hair

Everyone gets scared of mistakes I know, but it doesn’t mean you tell me off with a repulsive attitude. The attitude customers put up in refusing we the apprentice is as though we walk around with a disease that has no cure.

A lot of customers come and instead of letting any of the apprentices help them fix their hair or at least even wash it, they prefer to wait for my boss who has a lot to do already. 

Trying to remake your hair yourself after getting bad hair from the saloon

The truth is this boss you see was once like me and she got better because people were kind enough to her hustle. No matter what someone must be a test run  (victim)  for an apprentice’s first real try.  That’s the whole idea of learning, mistakes are inevitable until we get better. Even bosses make mistakes.

You don’t have to be rude or frown your face because you think the apprentice is not experienced. Some people are very fast learners. Wait!! what if l never told you I was an apprentice,  won’t you let me touch your hair?   I think I should stop disclosing my level of exposure on the job, just maybe that will help.

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2 years ago

I let apprentice give me a haircut. It’s not in my character to demoralize people when they are having a shot at something. I ask myself: “Darius if you were in that apprentice’s shoes, wouldn’t you want someone to give you the opportunity to put what you have learnt into practice?” There was a day I went to have a haircut, and the oga was busy, other customers, who wouldn’t let the apprentice touch their hair, were waiting in line. So I asked the apprentice to give me a haircut and his face lit up. The truth is, he wasn’t… Read more »

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