About Muttering Minds

MUTTERING MINDS is an online community where anyone can freely share how they sincerely feel in their minds without holding back. No matter how bizarre or nerve provoking it is, pen and share your thoughts here.

 Everyone has a natural reflex thought or feeling that stirs the moment something occurs but because of the fear of being judged, we will filter it before it proceeds from our lips or ink. You’ve got to be real here!

 Here, we keep the filters away in narrating our personal experiences and observations, psychoanalyzing people’s behavior, dissecting religion, societal and cultural matters, and narrating our world views and expectations.

 And yeah, Movie reviews make it a complete package! Ranging from the latest seasoned series, thriller, action, drama, and comedy films, you can send us your review. Here, reviewing a movie is not aimed at criticizing or over-hyping the art and desecrating it with spoilers. The reviewer must be expressive on how the movie affects their mental and social behavior, targeted individuals in the society, societal standards, and most importantly the lessons derived from watching the movie.

Remember! For every piece you intend to share on Muttering Minds, always ‘Embrace the Unfiltered’. Keep it real.

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About Me

Many times when I’m having a conversation with someone, I find myself drawn to the things they are not saying. A mere glance through their eyes and I can already spot a gigantic load of unsaid stuff lurking by the corner of their pupil. Do I blame them? No! This is because I can be that way too. What an unfair advantage to the gift of life. We cannot express our thoughts sincerely because of the plethora of constraints we were born to respect.

My desire to express myself and utilize my thinking cap in the best possible way so that you too can do the same is what birthed Muttering Minds. I cannot assure you that the stories you read here will always leave a smile on your face or a satisfactory remark. It’s okay to disagree but ensure to do so constructively with a cogitating POV and most importantly without restraints. Dialogue is good especially when it involves people with diverse opinions willing to learn from one another. I hope that Muttering Minds can help achieve that.

Bear in mind that every story you find here without a name or not under the anonymous aegis is written by me, most of which are exclusive to the ‘I AM MUTTERING’ category.

I hope that you have an interesting read always. You are welcome.



Doris Ukaonu

Founder/ Publishing Editor of Muttering Minds.