About Muttering Minds

MUTTERING MINDS is an online platform where anyone can freely share how they truly feel in their minds without holding back. No matter how ugly or angered they may be, no matter how bizarre or nerve provoking it is, pen and share your thoughts.

Everyone has a natural reflex thought or feeling stirred the moment a scenario occurs, but because of the fear of being judged, we will rather filter it before it proceeds from our lips or before we portray them through our actions. 

Here, we keep the filters away in narrating our personal experiences and observations, psychoanalysing people behaviour, dissecting religion, societal and cultural matters and narrating our world views and expectations.

And yeah! Do you know you can review any movie on Muttering Minds? Well, that’s how we unwind from the recurrent mind talks on here. Ranging from your favourite series, thriller, action, drama, comedy and what have you…you can send us your reviews.

Remember! For every piece you intend to share on Muttering Minds, always ‘Embrace the Unfiltered’. Keep it real.


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