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Am I the Only One Who Hates Phone Calls?

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Dear Mutterers,  how do you all cope? First, my phone is always on ‘silent mode’ and as a matter of fact I hate ring tones, they freak me out and equally annoy me…bottom line, I hate taking calls!

The only time you will find my phone on ‘loud mode’ is if I am expecting a very important call may be from a delivery guy or my alarm. As soon as I am done,  it goes back to the norm.

God help me I forget to put it back on silent and it rings… OMG! first I freak out at the tone, then the second I just have an automatic mood swing that makes me lash out at the caller.

On most occasions, I don’t even answer my mobile, and then someone with three heads decides to give me more than 2 missed calls😤…what makes you think I’m not with my phone the whole time huh😲Am I the only one this happens to?

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This could have been a text or email!

I believe before you call a person, you should ask yourself ‘is this textable?’ Phone calls, in my opinion, are not meant for telling stories (gisting) but passing concise Information. If you must gist, you can send a text to meet up with the person.

I will choose to text over telephone calls anytime because it gives me the much needed time to think before sending out a reply, unlike phone calls which leave you with intermittent awkward silences all in the name of trying to be in sync with certain conversations.

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