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Apology is not a Currency!

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When you wrong someone, cease having the conviction that at the mention of these tricky three words; “I am sorry”, you will be redeemed.

It is sad to agree that we have been trained to see apology as a currency but that’s what it has become. We use apologies to buy our way through certain offenses as though we are purchasing a commodity. 

A Lot of times we get mad that despite being apologetic the other party has refused to bat an eye. For example, you were told to resume at the parade ground at 6 am and that failure to be there on time will warrant some corporal punishment. You arrived late and you think pleading will be your saving huh? You keep begging but the instructor won’t bat an eye. Now because you could not buy your way this time with the tricky three ‘I am sorry’ you conclude that the instructor is wicked… “Upon my pleadings, this man wasn’t moved… He’s so wicked”… You say. 

Yes, you said ‘sorry’, but you lost the chance.

The tricky three is also promiscuously used in our relationship with people… It’s very crude to say “But I have apologized to him(her), why still proving difficult?”. Are there any commodities up for auction here?😟 Hello! I understand you are sorry but sorry darling, the tricky three is not a hall pass. Yes, you said it! Yes, the other person is aware! but like I said earlier, it’s not a hall pass neither will it breach the rules for you. 

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It is foolish to call a person ‘wicked’  because they stuck to their guns. If you keep getting a hall pass for all the tricky threes you’ve said all your life, imagine how careless you will have become? No! that’s an affront to the word ‘Careless’, I bet you would have been so far gone…perhaps Merriam Webster has to coin a new word for such behavior. 


Stop exploiting the richness of the word ‘Sorry’, Saying ‘sorry’ is not a currency that reedems you from whatever offence you must have committed neither does it mean you are repentant… Wait a minute! Did you get that? OK let me put it this way… How about we do a trade by barter here, I forgive you and then you are automatically repentant😊… How cool is that? It’s impossible Yeah! I know! Just like you wish apologies can be a currency for you, someone out there wishes it can be immediate repentance for you. Just maybe when apology starts to mean repentance then it  could be considered a currency too.

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3 years ago

Sometimes I’m sorry is all we got🤷🏽‍♂️

3 years ago

“I’m sorry” is only effective if it is backed up by true repentance.

Apologizing and then going back to commit the same offence one tendered an apology for, shows the insincerity of one’s apology.

Interesting read.

Ezeugo 1
Ezeugo 1
2 years ago

It just like a glass cup that was broken into two. You may try to super glue it but that cup will never remain the same. That line of the crack will still be visible no matter how many sorry you may want to use to glue it together

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