Are you on your Period?

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For crying out loud!  You messed up big time, and I am so pissed at what you did, I think I have the right to be angry in whatever manner I choose to express it, be it moody or overly serving you with the ‘attitude’ right?

My anger has nothing to do with me being on my period. Why are guys so fast to ask if a lady is on her period the moment she behaves queer huh? 😕

I need to be left alone, it’s not a ‘period’ issue… ‘period’ did not trigger it! I just want my alone time nowwww😥😥

When I am overly excited, it’s my state of mind, it’s not ‘period’ 😡… Can you just let me savor the moment 😫


on my period
how I intend to dracarys the next guy that ask me that question

But wait a minute! Of all the things in the world to think of, why must it be ‘period’ huh? Can’t you for once think that I need something else…like that other option that just crossed your mind now huh? 😋

Hmmm! What might that other option be? Ladies!  Guys! Let’s discuss this ‘period’ issue 👇👇

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3 years ago

It’s common knowledge that menstruation comes with a lot of things and mood swings is one of them.

So I don’t think it’s out of place for a guy to ask a girl if she is in her period when he notices that she is acting unusual.

I won’t ask any random girl or a platonic friend if she is in her period simply because she is having mood swings.

3 years ago

I don’t think any guy has ever asked me that. Sha I’m one of the 1% of women that rarely gets cramps or moody when seeing their period.
I feel some guys ask because they are concerned cos your usual self is always bubbling and smiling, but today the case is different cos you’re frowning like a deity, then he’s moved to asked. but if he’s asking just to go and carry megaphone to announce that the reason why you’re moody is cos you’re flying the red flag you already know what to do afterwards 😁

3 years ago
Reply to  Bubu

Diety frown 😂

I have period phobia
I have period phobia
3 years ago

My phobia for period is out of this world. Once it’s going closer to month end I always have this fear 😱 gripping me because I have serious menstrual cramps issue. I could remember when I showed up at work and my flow started damn! . Everyone at work knew, I felt embarrassed that I had to request for a pain relief drugs I slept off after taking it in my colleagues office. 😔 My period comes with constant nagging, irritation and phobia. I need help! I don’t know if I should say I’m tired of having menses? Nah God… Read more »

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