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Most, if not all of us, go through the single-phase at least a dozen times in our lives and there’s nothing wrong with that. Being single can be fun, especially in college, but it can get frustrating at times too.

No one’s life is perfect. And no matter what your situation is, there are always pros and cons. I’m sure most people would agree with my assessment of the single life. Many of us would like to meet our soulmate, but until that happens, It’s just best if we just focus on the pros and not the cons.

So here are the pros of being singlehood;

Freedom to Control One’s Life: Singles are free to do what they want without having to consider a spouse’s desire, they enjoy more autonomy of their own life, hence they tend to be free to do whatever they want to do.

Opportunities for Career Change and Development: Another advantage of being single is more opportunity for career change and development, singles are not locked into family responsibilities and obligations; they consequently can be more mobile and flexible in the climb up the career ladder.

Economic Independence and Self-sufficiency: Singles can earn disposable incomes with which to consume. For the single ladies, they do not need to depend on any man for money, while for the single men, he may likely spend his money to the delight of himself only.

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And then the cons of Singlehood are;

Loneliness: It can be a major disadvantage of being single. There’s nobody to share your thoughts, ideas, dreams, and aspirations with, you spend most of the weekends alone, wishing someone was around to hang or sit out with,  no soulmate to advise you when you are downcast, most important holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas Eve, etc are celebrated alone.

Loneliness can be a major disadvantage

Feeling Embarrassed in Some Social Gatherings:  I know someone is curious to know how? Take for instance when a single lady or man is required to bring a spouse to a company’s Annual party, Dinner events, social gatherings, etc. And here comes the absence of no date in your life, you would often hear side talks and gossips like ” why did he/she come alone?”, ” wasn’t he/she aware of the criteria  of attending this event?”, ” oh poor lady/man, he obviously does not have a date”! These could be embarrassing or worrisome.

Whereas the most frequently cited drawbacks to not being married were the absence of being special to a man/woman, the lack of with whom to share interests, happiness,  and sadness and the worm consciences to parents for not meeting their expectations.

Nevertheless, finding the right mate is the desire of many singles, being single is just a temporary phase. Singles will get married sometime in the future.

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I am a firm believer in the idea of freedom; in that, it is an idea we have bent and abused over the years. None more so than the era we live in, instant gratification is the order of the day. Maybe this is due to the internet; people find quotes to justify stupid and messed up behavior rather than owning up and fixing it or try to change.

Even worse for those who try to call people out on it or call out your BS (excuse my french). You either are told you are pained, hating or judging. They take it a step further quoting the bible, a book to govern and guide people in living right and just. They say “Judge not, that ye be not judged” (Matthew 7:1) or the even more popular “Nobody holy pass”. These quotes are used to tolerate irrational behaviors which we are then forced to endure.


For the mere presence of law, there can be no complete freedom. Which means the “do not judge” is interpreted out of context. 

do not judge
Should we deliberately blindfold ourselves to avoid judging one another?

“…is not a wise man among you, no, not one, who shall be able to judge between his brethren?” (1 corinthians 6:5) This goes to show that sofar the statement, verdict or reproach is made of a clear and objective mind, it is indeed accepted and in some cases needed. If laws were made by sentiments and emotions the society would be in chaos.

Humans are emotional beings and as good as that could be; most of the negative actions are also borne from the same emotions, which is why the law though not perfect stands to curb our excesses.

So when someone tries to emotionally blackmail you with “do not judge”. Look them in the eyes and say “we all do, as much as we’d like to deny it. At least mine is from a place of love”.

(Ps, this is not a license to go around judging people all willy nilly; as I am also a firm believer of mind your business. You are also only allowed to quote me if it is indeed a fair observation).



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Every relationship or bond is built on trust, without trust it is invalid. Trust is both an emotional and logical act whether in family, friendship, relationship, business or partnership.

Trust can take years to be earned and only a few seconds to be lost yet it is important for trust to be kept at the forefront of everything.

Heard of the quote ‘Trust is like an eraser, it gets smaller and smaller after every mistake.’

Now my question: Who is trustworthy?

They say time will tell if a person is trustworthy or not. I sometimes concur to the statement.

The only issue with ‘time’ sometimes is the damage that has already been done in a case where it wasn’t worth it after all. I think trust and betrayal are best friends and can’t do without each other.

trust is a better compliment than love
once is a warning, twice is a lesson and anything more than that is simply taking advantage.

Even with siblings where love ought to abound, anything is possible. I’m not saying there aren’t trustworthy people but they are rare. That’s why I say most times that ‘Trust’ is a better compliment than ‘Love’ because you may not always trust the person you love but you can always Love the person whom you trust. 

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If you find someone who is trustworthy, hold him/her tight because you have just won a lottery but if that person lets you down more than two times, once is a warning, twice is a lesson and anything more than that is simply taking advantage.


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There is something I noticed on Sundays for a while now…

A lot of people complain or murmur that the sermon is taking a lot of time. But I think that’s not their worry. 

Their main worry is for the service to be over so that they can quickly go outside to take pictures which they would eventually post on social media.

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Sunday these days is more of a fashion parade than to receive the word for the week ahead. Some even go as far as leaving in the middle of the service just to take pictures.

Sundays, for Fashion not Sermon
Image source- Getty Images

I am never against anyone dressing nice or looking good but the question is “what’s your main priority of going to church? “

If you doubt me, just open your Facebook or any social media application on Sundays and see for yourself, you will observe that Sundays are now for fashion, not sermons.



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About the Bird Box movie…
I feel it possessed a superb concept but failed to satisfy the imagination of the audience.
It failed to explore the theme of blindness, whether or not the “being” is supernatural or even just psychological
It also failed to explore why exactly the “madness” affects sane people but only comforts the insane.
I also didn’t like the fact that the film failed to give us an insight into what happened to MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) and the police academy girl that ran away with the car. They should have shown what happened to them [probably a bad thing since what they did was very bad]. That hole was the deepest for me.
Image result for bird box vs a quiet place
A Quiet Place Vs Bird Box
The book is better because it explained why the birds aren’t affected, why they easily sense the evil and the reason for the differences in its effect on human beings. In the end, I think it’s similarity to A Quiet Place made it fail.
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So here’s my review for Game Of Thrones S8E1. First, they made the theme graphics better, a great start…but!

Reminisce of the small boy and the army marching into Winterfell, cool. The first sentence with Tyrion n the balless man, got me smiling n I was like, ‘yes, my Tyrion is very well alive.

Then, things started going fast, like so fast. They are probably trying to rush the serenre of the reunion so the main winter starts in the 2nd or 3rd episode, cuz even Bran said: “there’s no time for all these”.Arya and Jon, common…it should have been better. That reunion was so anticipated to just go off like that…duh I was codedly expecting fireworks or something

Why the heck do they have to rush the truth like that…it took us years to find out and they just poured it out like; just like that. Sam and Jon tried with the emotions sha, but seriously. As I said, there was no time for serenre, the real show has to start.

Image result for game of thrones
Daenerys of House Targaryen

I want to hug Dany and tell her she’ll be fine but then she’s acting all god mighty, I have 2 dragons, you have to like my bitchy attitude.
*Sansa chillax biko. Nobody is taking your place. The attitude with Tyrion wasn’t even necessary.

*Arya and Gendry got me all smiling from ear to ear. Don’t know why I didn’t even think of it b4 now.
*Bran cmon, get your shit together and stop acting so messed up…please have mercy on Jaime *crying*

Plenty more to say on each character…Cercei, I hail o!!!
Did I say what’s on your mind? Is this even how to write a review…smh

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The final season of Game of Thrones starts where this whole madcap, fire-infatuated, snow-covered, incest-propaganda-film of a series originally began: at Winterfell, with a royal procession, and a small boy [ not Bran this time; lol ] climbing to take in the sights, his eyes large at the sight of thousands of Unsullied marching through the gates.

Of course, the main thrust of the episode, if you’ll pardon the expression, centres on the unbridled lust that links Jon and Daenerys, despite their similar DNA.

Unfortunately, the episode’s two greatest problems hover around the following. The first is that Bran practically gave himself a headache in season seven when he told Sam that Jon must know the truth about his parentage as soon as possible, but then lets enough time go by that Jon goes off on a dragon-riding adventure before egging Sam on to spill the beans. What were they waiting for? How did Sam move about Winterfell without Jon knowing he was there?

The other oddity is that Jon doesn’t immediately worry about the fact that he’s been committing incest. Yes, such behavior is tolerated slightly better in Westeros, and the news that his whole life is a lie does take top billing, but still. Who wouldn’t eventually clap a hand to his mouth and sputter something about how the two have been intimately acquainted in a very unfortunate way?

This is all I have for now; but let’s not forget the beautiful dragon ride [ Jon & Dan ] – best part of the premier to meeeeeeeeeee.

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Someone you love so much, someone you cherish a lot..and you are very sure without them, you’d probably be dead. So you say you can’t live without them.

That someone will either walk away tomorrow…worse still, that someone will die someday in the morrow…and it will not kill you.

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Emotion is a lie!

Emotion is man’s way of trying to escape the truth.

Which is;

We are capable of anything, good, evil, and whatever lies in between.

And accepting this is the first step to truly becoming!

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Now about now, am dropping my opinion about the episode so far for Game of Thrones season eight.
▪Why would Cersei so believed in having elephants in a dragons fight???
Wouldn’t the dragons roast them alive for food??
Isn’t that foolish?
Or it one of the clever and smartest moves ever against the mother of dragons.
Like while her armies are being distracted by the dragons above them, and letting the opposition army attack them freely, she can also use the same tactics for her enemy too…
Distract the army with the presence of running elephants towards you creating a distraction for the opposition army, and giving her army free will to aim at the flying dragons with the giant crossbows…take out the dragons and the war is more human and in her favour!!!! By the way, Daenerys had no preparation for the elephants so I think Cersei was preparing properly ahead of time only to the disappointed there are no elephants.
▪Bran vs Jaime
Brain told Sam he is waiting for an old friend.. friend?
Now he sees Jaime as a friend, he is a new personality and I think doesn’t hold back to his old memories, oh! Fuck that, he isn’t a new personality, he is still Bran he is just doing what is best for the North. Who said he doesn’t still have Bran memory and the feelings?
He fucking supported and singlehandedly put it to Little finger’s how he betrayed his father Ned and all that… who said he doesn’t want payback?
Lol but I think Jaime has a role to play here and Bran would be friends with him….. heard there is a spoiler about how Daenerys will imprison Jaime and then probably Bran will save it., whatever though!


Please give it up for this lady
Her transition is top-notch. From the foolish dumb girl to the smartest and one of the best playing of the game of thrones.
Sansa manages to make Jon look like a fool whenever he tries to say something to her or around her.
She is the wisest and most clever character for me in the show at the moment.
She already learnt from the masters, Little finger, Cersei and Tyrion.
Hope you all know Sansa now has her own army loyal to her?? The knights of Vale.
She is just like her mother giving advice to the Stark boys, but they are so arrogant and So blinded in the belief of doing what is best for the kingdom Lol
I pray Jon doesn’t die.

Why is the white king always up with that sign similar to the Targaryen sigil???

Is he a Targaryen or have a beef against them???
The night king is insane!
▪What would Tyrion do seeing the queen he got so much faith in would want to kill or punish his brother
▪Fucking the queen seems like a great award to Euron or probably a reassurance of the iron throne Lol
▪What would Cersei benefit from killing her brother Jaime?
▪I can’t wait for the mountain to take off his helmet. Lol
▪ Well, I see a big betrayal coming up…..
When Jon finally get the courage to man up for the crown…
Probably Tyrion and the Spider betraying her and then Jon betraying her love and try to take away what she holds so dear Lol
I see the problem with Jon turning on her as he has this high sense of doing what is right especially this recent attitude of her being like her father.
The dragon queen should be killed off
She is just like a father, burning anyone who isn’t with them…..
▪What is that Arya new anticipating weapon like ????
Episode 2 should better give me answers. Lol
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At the arrival of Daenerys to Winterfell, she notices a sense of distrust from the Northerners which was as a result of the Northern people not trusting people easily but Jon assured her she’s is safe.

Sansa also assures her that the North is hers but doesn’t show so much likeness for the Silver-haired Queen, which is because her Brother Jon forfeited his crown to fight for his people.

In this episode  of Game of Thrones, we also see that the Mother of Dragons goes to pay gratitude to Samuel Tally for the life of Jorah Momont and finds out she executed his Father and Brother, I can’t say Samuel’s reaction was what we expected but he was quite touched to hear the sad news of their death.

Theon Greyjoy rescues his Sister Yara in this episode and she heads back home incase the Mother of Dragons needs somewhere to retreat her army in case things go sideways as the dead can’t swim.

It’s in this episode that Samuel breaks the news of Jon’s history to him by telling him his birth parents and that he’s the one true King of the seven kingdoms, Jon doesn’t take it so well.

Just before the episode comes to an end, Jamie Lannister arrives, only to prove Sansa Stark right when she told Tyrion Lannister that he was not clever to take Cersei for her words.

With the above review, we look forward to episode two of the season.