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Now about now, am dropping my opinion about the episode so far for Game of Thrones season eight.
▪Why would Cersei so believed in having elephants in a dragons fight???
Wouldn’t the dragons roast them alive for food??
Isn’t that foolish?
Or it one of the clever and smartest moves ever against the mother of dragons.
Like while her armies are being distracted by the dragons above them, and letting the opposition army attack them freely, she can also use the same tactics for her enemy too…
Distract the army with the presence of running elephants towards you creating a distraction for the opposition army, and giving her army free will to aim at the flying dragons with the giant crossbows…take out the dragons and the war is more human and in her favour!!!! By the way, Daenerys had no preparation for the elephants so I think Cersei was preparing properly ahead of time only to the disappointed there are no elephants.
▪Bran vs Jaime
Brain told Sam he is waiting for an old friend.. friend?
Now he sees Jaime as a friend, he is a new personality and I think doesn’t hold back to his old memories, oh! Fuck that, he isn’t a new personality, he is still Bran he is just doing what is best for the North. Who said he doesn’t still have Bran memory and the feelings?
He fucking supported and singlehandedly put it to Little finger’s how he betrayed his father Ned and all that… who said he doesn’t want payback?
Lol but I think Jaime has a role to play here and Bran would be friends with him….. heard there is a spoiler about how Daenerys will imprison Jaime and then probably Bran will save it., whatever though!


Please give it up for this lady
Her transition is top-notch. From the foolish dumb girl to the smartest and one of the best playing of the game of thrones.
Sansa manages to make Jon look like a fool whenever he tries to say something to her or around her.
She is the wisest and most clever character for me in the show at the moment.
She already learnt from the masters, Little finger, Cersei and Tyrion.
Hope you all know Sansa now has her own army loyal to her?? The knights of Vale.
She is just like her mother giving advice to the Stark boys, but they are so arrogant and So blinded in the belief of doing what is best for the kingdom Lol
I pray Jon doesn’t die.

Why is the white king always up with that sign similar to the Targaryen sigil???

Is he a Targaryen or have a beef against them???
The night king is insane!
▪What would Tyrion do seeing the queen he got so much faith in would want to kill or punish his brother
▪Fucking the queen seems like a great award to Euron or probably a reassurance of the iron throne Lol
▪What would Cersei benefit from killing her brother Jaime?
▪I can’t wait for the mountain to take off his helmet. Lol
▪ Well, I see a big betrayal coming up…..
When Jon finally get the courage to man up for the crown…
Probably Tyrion and the Spider betraying her and then Jon betraying her love and try to take away what she holds so dear Lol
I see the problem with Jon turning on her as he has this high sense of doing what is right especially this recent attitude of her being like her father.
The dragon queen should be killed off
She is just like a father, burning anyone who isn’t with them…..
▪What is that Arya new anticipating weapon like ????
Episode 2 should better give me answers. Lol
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At the arrival of Daenerys to Winterfell, she notices a sense of distrust from the Northerners which was as a result of the Northern people not trusting people easily but Jon assured her she’s is safe.

Sansa also assures her that the North is hers but doesn’t show so much likeness for the Silver-haired Queen, which is because her Brother Jon forfeited his crown to fight for his people.

In this episode  of Game of Thrones, we also see that the Mother of Dragons goes to pay gratitude to Samuel Tally for the life of Jorah Momont and finds out she executed his Father and Brother, I can’t say Samuel’s reaction was what we expected but he was quite touched to hear the sad news of their death.

Theon Greyjoy rescues his Sister Yara in this episode and she heads back home incase the Mother of Dragons needs somewhere to retreat her army in case things go sideways as the dead can’t swim.

It’s in this episode that Samuel breaks the news of Jon’s history to him by telling him his birth parents and that he’s the one true King of the seven kingdoms, Jon doesn’t take it so well.

Just before the episode comes to an end, Jamie Lannister arrives, only to prove Sansa Stark right when she told Tyrion Lannister that he was not clever to take Cersei for her words.

With the above review, we look forward to episode two of the season.

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What would you do? You have been friends with a certain lady for a while. Actually, your purpose was to commit her into a happy working relationship.

It appears over time, that you guys have a connect; like a connect on any topic or any issue. After a while, you took the leap of chances, to ask her out; and then she’s like, “well, you gotta give me time. I just got out of a bad relationship and so I want to give it some time before I hop over the horse again.”

In your own spirit of optimistic understanding, you agree to that phase in her life, and then one day; while you guys were speaking, she chipped it in that she’s back with her ex.

What would you do?

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Yes as humans, we make mistakes, we are not computer clones or machines that do not make errors.

We have blood running through our veins and not wires, I understand all that, I know I hurt people and make mistakes too. I ask for forgiveness from those I hurt and am aware of, please take note but I don’t force them to be friends with me or to let things return to how they once were. Why? Because I believe reconciliation is a matter of choice, a thing which the heart process and would fully allow access to when it wants to or is fully recovered.

Yes, we all follow the norms, the morals talks, and the religious belief but please can we just allow a person to decide if he or she wants to reconcile? Without forcing our will down the throat of such a person? Yes I forgive you, I forget but I just want to stay as far away from you as possible because to err is human, to forgive, divine and to reconcile my choice!

To err is human! To forgive divine! Reconciliation, my choice!

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There is nothing spectacular about the movie Bird Box. It’s like the everyday kind of confusing horror movies I watch. The title got me confused, it has nothing to do with a lot of scenes that took place. The storyline was about demons manipulating people into committing suicide and I was wondering what connections does it have to do with the Bird Box.
And then Sandra Bullock was seen moving around with a box of three birds in it.
What first came to my mind was that the birds were behind the attack & they weren’t aware of. It actually created suspense that caught my attention but only to find out at the end that the birds were used as directions to their destination.
Image result for bird box movie images
A lot of viewers got confused about the whole scenarios and I’m still yet to understand what demons or who was actually responsible for the suicide.
Is it the unseen demons or humans without blindfolds? We didn’t get to see how the demon came into existence and all of a sudden people who could see demons came along.
I feel the movie is overrated: there is nothing extraordinary about it.
It’s just a replica of the movie ‘silent room‘ where they were made not to talk or make any sound but at the end, they were able to kill the demons attacking them, unlike Bird box that gave confusing scenes.
What made it outstanding were the actors, most especially the kids that gave it a strong back up at the ending part.


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In the movie ‘Bird Box‘, it was obvious that the lead actress (Malorie) had trust issues with people particularly men, I felt it had something to do with her pregnancy. Probably she had an unhealthy relationship with a man who got her pregnant and didn’t want anything to do with the kid. It affected the way she sees people and life in general. It also made her categorize all men as “assholes” this affected her decision making.
Someone she taught was an “asshole”(Douglass) turned out to be right all along and someone she taught was good and kind (Gary) turned out to be an “asshole” all along.
I just love the role of Tom. He showed her that not all men are assholes, he taught her to let her guards down, to embrace and experience all that life has to offer in spite of their predicament,  He showed her that life is not all about the destination or survival but is about the journey. He taught her that she can’t be too careful. And finally, he showed her what true love is.
Image result for bird box movie images
And I think the effect of Tom in her life was revealed in the Scene where one of the kids had to open their blindfolds to direct her. The old Malorie would have picked the girl (which is not her daughter) in a heartbeat knowing the death risk. But she chose not to pick anyone.
Bird Box is just awesome. It takes you through a horrifying but yet captivating experience on how Malorie evolved from a chary and nonchalant personality to this caring and loving mother who would do anything for her kid and even a kid that’s not hers.
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I think as real as the producer(s) of  Bird Box wants us to believe it is, there are still some questions that need to be answered at the end of the movie. I ended up asking myself questions like:  What happens when the survivors run out of food supply and there’s no means of getting food in any way whatsoever? What’s the cause of the virus? Who will eventually stop the virus?
Why would some people still open their eyes and not get hurt? Especially the woman who played the role of the heroine, alongside the two kids who were made to survive all forms of challenges. I mean, how on earth could such young chaps have survived such dilemma during such trying period, without getting infected with the virus or being hurt in the long run.
After asking myself these questions, I eventually had to face the reality that it wouldn’t have been possible for that woman and the two kids to survive all through the challenges, with their eyes blindfolded while they were navigating around and having nothing tangible to eat.
I also had to remind myself of the popular belief that “actor no dey die” 😄… I guess that’s why the woman didn’t have to die since she’s the main cast 😅
Image result for bird box movie scenes
There’s no point of survival!
Also, I feel there’s no point trying to survive…but I’m sure they wanted to make us believe that they needed to survive despite the challenges and that’s why there had to be an escape route, courtesy of the home for the blind since they couldn’t survive in the normal world any longer. After all, they wouldn’t mind staying with the blind since they’re used to being blindfolded almost every time.
In conclusion, I think the movie is embedded with puzzles for its viewers to unravel the answers themselves 😄.
Thanks for reading through.
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Bird Box is kinda metaphorical to me meaning “quiet place”, you may want to carry a bird wherever you go cause birds can sense danger and also are acutely sensitive…
Amidst the horror, the suspense, and the tensed state the movie put me through, these important elements made up the movie to me- family, love, survival, (more)
A Family not by blood but interest. The sense to want to save and help the other person, the love was shared well maybe it was because of the condition but everyone looked out for each other.
Survival. some people call it “survival of the fittest”. I did learn that every day we see is a survival of the fittest, not only by strength though…
And the kids in the movie….’ Girl’ and ‘Boy’ as they were called, I totally understood the lady Malorie when she discontinued that black cute guy from feeding the kids with fantasy which of cos would just make the kids wanna dream and explore,and I mean its ok to explore and dream of a fairytale life but I deduced from that life isn’t a fairytale.
Bird Box
A family not by blood but interest
Life isn’t what we hear it or see it be especially in this social media age. Life is good, to be experienced in our own way just the way it is. The kids got to understand though. I also get the part that “kids are kids and should be treated like one”.
The Blindfold was one brave act. In reality, if we could discipline and blindfold ourselves figuratively, we would focus more on tasks ahead and things that really need to get done.
Then again I thought to myself if, in reality, some things we do could actually kill us if we dared to look, a lot of people would stick to blindfolds but some will eventually pass away cos in the real world some people are like goats who don’t listen… “don’t open your eyes, unless you die” the eagerness to wanna see and know does kill and is not always good…Thank You ❤️
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I’ve been dating this girl for 13 months, unlike me, I don’t usually go that long in a relationship but this time I put in everything to make this work. This girl  was practically the source of my happiness.

Fast forward to after the thirteenth month, I traveled to Abuja and she was in Lagos. Not up to 3 weeks I left, she started seeing someone else as “just friends”. Later on, she and the guy got serious and she broke up with me.

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Fast forward two months later, she and the guy hit it in silence and the result is going to be massive. But she comes back and says she’s sorry and wants me back.

Note: I’m still in love with her, like seriously in love with her. What do I do? Do I take her back? she said she’s sorry but then again shes pregnant!

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So some time ago,  a lady broke my heart!😁. It wasn’t easy but I had to be strong. I started to move on without her, binge-watching movies, listening to cool music and a whole bunch of stuff to take my mind off her. I was literally learning to be myself again.

It was going well, met new people, apologized to the old ones that I stopped talking to and when everything seemed to be perfect, I started liking someone else and this was a new phase for me indeed.

Suddenly boom! abracadabra!!! She shows up! Said she’s sorry and that she wants back. Kept up with consistent Calls but I wouldn’t bat an eye.

Then She said, “If I knew the number of guys in her dm that can actually offer her anything she wants ehn…but she decides to pay them no attention, there are guys that would do anything to keep her”.

Then I told her “Okay, go, you deserve better. Leave me to figure out myself” Then she said I’m breaking my promise to her of fighting for our love. First off! I’m not a fighter 😁. 

Now, guys, I’m not asking for advise if to take her back or not because I won’t. The question is why are ladies very selfish and always think it’s a normal thing? In the movie, ‘Nobody’s fool’, the exact same incident occured. Please help me answer, why are ladies this way.