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How we have become Familiar Strangers to each other

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Remember our parent’s favourite code growing up?

I wonder how many of us are faithful to it though. ‘Not talking to strangers‘… Maybe only during the festive season and that’s because we are scared of our vital organs vanishing from our bodies.

Anyways, does it ever occur to you that the person (stranger) you think you’re meeting for the first time has actually met you before now??? These days I don’t buy the concept of total stranger anymore, ‘familiar strangers’, that’s what it is. That babe or dude you think knows zilch about you might actually have substantial information on you.

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We are information thirsty. We are naturally drawn to anything fascinating either in a mysterious or adventurous manner, especially humans. And with the help of technology, it’s very easy to get what we want.Β 


You see that dude you always pass by on your way to have lunch at work, don’t mind that he acts unaware, he knows the game too.

“Hello! My name is Jude, I really like you. Can I get your number?”… here’s him making you feel he doesn’t already know your name.

He probably knows you, knows where your mama lives, how many siblings you got, your college scandals and who took you out last Valentine.

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I stalk people too. Both male and female. If your personality gets me positively or negatively, all I need is your first and last name and voila there’s an 80 per cent chance I will find you. And when I do, all your household is in trouble. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ just kidding. But who doesn’t stalk anyway?

Funny thing is I even stalk myself. I go on my IG and then scroll through my page, same as Facebook, and other social handles. While at it,Β  I’m thinking “If someone stalks me, will they like what they see?”

Stalking is like reading a book and you know, we have different types of readers;

  • The die-hardΒ 
  • The TentativeΒ 
  • The Intellect
  • The BasicΒ 

With the meaning of the words, you can tell how they are. Now relate it to stalking.

Bottom line! we are all familiar strangers to each other.

Some stalkers can be too forward though. They make you know that they know you the moment they get the chance to say hello. They are like “You are Uju right?”.Β 

“No mate! I am Solomon”… like I am pissed at what he knows already. And then I wear this ”Ok…You better start spilling all the shit you heard or know about me” look. And dude gives me this creepy smile, trying to play the confusion card again. This must be an achievement right! He probably heard my mama screaming my name in the street some time and decided to confiscate the trophy hoping for a kill soonπŸ™„.

Is it really nice to meet me?

Whenever I get talking to someone new,Β  especially if we share familiar environments, it always comes to my mind that there is a thick chance they got something on me. Sometimes it’s me who does.

That’s why whenever I walk the streets I give passersby the “So what now? What have you got on me?” look. Yes! cause 80 per cent chance is that they do. If they don’t, they probably know your face and have been meaning to ask you so many questions.


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Ezeugo 1
Ezeugo 1
2 years ago

Common nah… Life is not that serious Haba. There are still total strangers out there who would like to befriend you.

2 years ago

Mad o , this 100 Percent fact

Bibi Mela
Bibi Mela
2 years ago

I guess it’s just you overthinking and being unnecessarily paranoid. πŸ˜‚ Most times, this “strangers”know nuffin about you.

Silas Otue
Silas Otue
2 years ago

This is so true!!!

2 years ago

There’ was a time I used to stalk people… πŸ˜‚

Sad thing is, I never got to meet most of them in real life. I realised some people stalk me too via Facebook … And I’ve met some of them I didn’t recognize even though they said things about me based on posts … πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

2 years ago

I can so so relate. Like this is 100 percent true

2 years ago

“and when I do, all your household is in trouble” that part actually killed meπŸ˜†.
Cus it 80% my way of stalking.

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