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Bird Box: Similarity to a Quiet Place Made it Fail

Reviewed by Adebiyi Olaniyan
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About the Bird Box movie…
I feel it possessed a superb concept but failed to satisfy the imagination of the audience.
It failed to explore the theme of blindness, whether or not the “being” is supernatural or even just psychological
It also failed to explore why exactly the “madness” affects sane people but only comforts the insane.
I also didn’t like the fact that the film failed to give us an insight into what happened to MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) and the police academy girl that ran away with the car. They should have shown what happened to them [probably a bad thing since what they did was very bad]. That hole was the deepest for me.
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A Quiet Place Vs Bird Box
The book is better because it explained why the birds aren’t affected, why they easily sense the evil and the reason for the differences in its effect on human beings. In the end, I think it’s similarity to A Quiet Place made it fail.
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