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Bird Box: Lead Character Sandra Bullock Lives Up to the Shakespaerian Quote; ‘I must be Cruel only to be Kind’

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Imagine being deprived of something that is almost impossible to do without.
Bird Box‘! If you must survive then you must be ready to pluck those eyes out…but how come none of the characters taught it wise to do so, was there a ray of hope lurking somewhere?
The movie ‘Bird Box‘ is epiphanous.  As I watched I learned that life can change in split seconds. You leave home with the intention of returning back only to find yourself in another setting with strangers fighting a familiar enemy. Some strangers will be loving,  gullible,  weird, irrational, etc. different idiosyncrasies but a common goal which is ‘Survival’.
I liked that the importance of the lead character Malorie to stay alive was well depicted and that the subsequent deaths from other characters did not affect the vibe of the movie.
The lead character Malorie (Sandra Bullock) delineates in trait a quote from William Shakespeare’s drama ‘Hamlet’, ‘I must be cruel only to be kind’, this is Malorie. It is evident in her relationship with every character especially the kids’ Boy and Girl. She understands that kids can be easily carried away with too much play and can also get tricky with tantrums so she made her walls impregnable to the children because survival is paramount. The bedtime story told by Tom is gibberish to her. She needs the kids to live in the reality of what their lives have become. Imagine if she joins Tom in sweet-talking the kids? Imagine how spoilt they will be? It will only hinder survival. The way she stomached the death of Tom only goes to show how death can be basic in some situations.
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I also learned that no matter how unloving a woman can be with children, there’s always a special affection for her own child. You can tell Malorie had a softer spot for Boy even though she tries to hide it.
But wait a minute! How is the title even Bird Box? The birds didn’t play so much importance other than being able to detect the paranormal presence. If there was probably special protection only the birds could provide then I would have said the title is suitable, otherwise, it is not. I mean the blind people had a hall pass likewise the lunatics so why call it ‘Bird Box‘?
And for a movie that has a duration of more than two hours and a few seconds, not giving the audience an idea of what the evil force wanted or how they came to be is a NO for me. But I guess it’s all in a bid to become a nonpredictable movie Yeah? Still a NO for me.
Nonetheless, I will say Bird Box stood out from the usual horror movies we watch. It’s a good movie, very didactic. One you can recommend for a friend. But hollop! It’s not as good a movie to make me watch the umpteenth time.
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