A Blast From The Past…I Thought He Will Be Excited

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Yesterday I met an old buddy inside the bus I boarded. He was sitting behind me and signalled to get my attention.

I was all smiles and kind of happy to meet him, who would have thought anyways but like they say it’s a small world. Because of where he sat, we were not able to catch up much. So I asked him for his destination, and as God will have it,  it was the same as mine so I thought definitely we would have enough catching up to do when we board the next bus.

While I was hoping we would board the next bus together, you won’t believe that as soon as we got to our first stop, this nigga came down and started a walking race. I couldn’t even get his attention, it looked like he was fleeing from me so I didn’t border calling him.

blast from the past
How disappointed I looked

All the while I kept asking myself, was it that he forgot we were supposed to have a little chat and board the other bus together or he sincerely forgot.

It’s been a long time since we saw, I thought he would be excited but the reverse was the case. Maybe he forgot actually, he probably had a lot going on in his mind and catching up with an old friend was not on the list right?Mutterers, what do you say? What could be his reason?


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3 years ago

well I feel like sometimes they just don’t feel the need for catching up with friends, while other times they just don’t have anything to say.

2 years ago
Reply to  Amaka

This is most likely to be the truth cos I’ve experienced it and often times I’ve done it too to some persons.

3 years ago

Why did he bolt away like that? Maybe he was in a hurry and he didn’t want to be late to where he was going to, but he should’ve been courteous enough to explain that to you.

Or maybe he is just the shy type. I used to be very uncomfortable around ladies, not as a teen oh, in my twenties.

2 years ago
Reply to  Darius

He doesn’t want to pay your transport fare jor

2 years ago

If you two were really close buddies back then, he probably should have waited. Maybe he didn’t have anything to say to you afterall.

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