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Resolutions: Hollop! Do You Know Men Like You and I Made the Calendar?

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First! Are you one of those with the ‘New year New me’ syndrome?’ or rather the ‘New year cut off syndrome’ … However, you must know that the above two are diseases that infect the lily-livered usually from mid-December till mid-January. It has no cure but instead goes on a recess only to resurface again at times like this.

So did you catch the disease? What are your coping mechanisms if you did? Lol

It’s not even supposed to be funny.

Did you know that men like you and I sat down to construct the Calendar? That we act like it’s some supernatural tool privileged to man is a pet peeve. At the approach of a new year, we start to act like men who were born blind and just received sight. We begin to make rules that the majority of us cannot live by.

Source- New York Times

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The history of calendars can be traced to the bronze age. The Sumerian calendar was the first, followed by the Egyptian, Assyrian and Elamite calendars(please research history for yourself). The sole purpose of creating calendars was to keep track of days and larger divisions of time. That a man should change at the beginning of a new year was not in the blueprint, as a matter of fact, that’s a misconstrued way of living.

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Resolutions are like manifestos. Both say a recap of what we would do in the new but some hiccups manifest beyond our control and the majority falls off the wagon. Resolution is personal while a manifesto is Political. If you cannot live up to your resolution, never prosecute a politician for not living up to his/her Manifesto. There’s no double standard here. Change is a process, not an instance. That it is the beginning of a new year doesn’t mean we can change overnight or do genies(jinnis) appear at the cross over to blow us a new template? I really like to know.

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If it takes you a new year to figure great things for yourself then I am not sorry for you. If it takes you a new year to cut the so-called ‘toxic friends’ from your life then you are not only a coward but an opportunist. Stop making calendars an escape route.Ā  If I were your friend and you cut me off at the beginning of a new year, I wouldn’t even feel bad for me but for you because you couldn’t figure you out and the things you wanted without a calendar as your side piece…that’s so pathetic ex-friend!

Create your own time. Orchestrate your change anytime. Calendars are not your saving! Are you a fan of resolutions? Yes or No? Let me know your views on resolutions in the comment section.šŸ¤—šŸ‘‡

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2 years ago

Thank you so much for this, a lot people don’t even understand this, now that it’s out here for everyone to see, I hope they understand.

2 years ago


Seyi Vandy
Seyi Vandy
11 months ago

šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ oh wow. It just got cold up in this piece

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