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Who works the most Syndrome

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I understand that it is annoying not to get a helping hand when we need it the most. Like we need someone to assist us with sweeping, cooking, cleaning etc. 

By default in every home, there is usually a division of labour where each member of the family is expected to be in charge of one chore or the other. As a result of this division, most family members have now made it a do or die affair…I mean it’s your work, and so you must do it!


Our senses have become blind to the fact that a person cannot wield the same level of strength each day. Listen! A person can get tired, it shouldn’t be news. if a family member is having one of their tired (lazy) days, why not cover up for him/her by doing the chores? Why go about nagging that they cannot help you with one thing or the other? Truthfully most times it is not intended that they wanna be that way but they are genuinely tired and need a break from the norm. It’s sad that most of us cannot even tell when a member of our family is suffering a psychological setback, our only concern is that they maintain the characters they are known for. Really? 

If you are sensitive enough to notice that an environment is dirty and needs cleaning, then get to work.

Asides the home, this mental conflict is also evident in other societal units. A scenario is finding a group of ladies in a place, mostly a gathering like a party, there’s always a subconscious tussle for who works the most! 


If you are sensitive enough to notice that an environment is dirty and needs cleaning, then get to work. Other ladies (people) don’t necessarily have to join you. If you must sweep the place, do not grumble your way through like saying “I have been working since morning and these ladies are gisting”…or is it an ‘eye-service’ event everyone must attend? It is better you start it up than grumble or insult others while at it. 

Chores should not be a yardstick for comparison. We don’t have to get angry that we have been working and another person seems so relaxed. Just like we preach financial independence, the same should go for carrying out chores. Train yourself to be independent so that if an individual is deficient in an area, you will be able to cover up for them without a grudge. Taking up chores should be more voluntary rather than a competition or imposition.

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I beg to differ. If you do a particular chore every now and then not minding if anybody does it or not, it will get to the point when everybody will begin to see that chore as your responsibility and the day you fail to do it, they’ll complain.

I’m saying this out of experience. I’ve vowed not to put myself again in situation where a particular chore is seen as my responsibility because I do it often.