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Even If You Introduced Them

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There’s this saying about not taking some friends to where your bread is being buttered otherwise they steal the baker and in the long run, the whole bakery. Well, I don’t know if these are the exact words but I’m sure you understand what I am saying.

I have no fear introducing my friends to anything or whoever I think they can benefit from and if in the process they get better in relating or at it than I am then viola!

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You know you can introduce a friend to a forum, an NGO or any of such groups and they get more sunk in involvement than you are? Should it be something to cry about or scream betrayal? Well No! introducing them doesn’t mean they should operate at the same level as you.

A true friend will always be excited to introduce a friend
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People are bound to be better and ambitious, it’s never in a bid to spite another, at least not intentionally. They might end up leading the team while you are still there warming the membership seat.Ā 

Don’t go about throwing tantrums by saying “I brought her here, now she’s trying to be noticed at all cost.” My dear she’s not, she’s just playing her cards to the best of her ability and I suggest you do the same, that’s if it is of candid importance to you.

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But wait! Here’s where I have an issue. If you met someone through me do not discuss me with him/her, I mean the personal stuff you know about me. If I brought you into an organization, the same applies. It shouldn’t be through you that all other members know about my private life. There are over a million and one things that can be discussed, get along with the whole purpose of your meeting and leave my personal business out of it. Capish?

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Bibi Mela
Bibi Mela
2 years ago

spot on!

2 years ago

I agree šŸ’Æ

1 year ago


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