To Err Is Human! To Forgive Divine! But Reconciliation, My Choice!

Writer- Grace Nwaobilor
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Yes as humans, we make mistakes, we are not computer clones or machines that do not make errors.

We have blood running through our veins and not wires, I understand all that, I know I hurt people and make mistakes too. I ask for forgiveness from those I hurt and am aware of, please take note but I don’t force them to be friends with me or to let things return to how they once were. Why? Because I believe reconciliation is a matter of choice, a thing which the heart process and would fully allow access to when it wants to or is fully recovered.

Yes, we all follow the norms, the morals talks, and the religious belief but please can we just allow a person to decide if he or she wants to reconcile? Without forcing our will down the throat of such a person? Yes I forgive you, I forget but I just want to stay as far away from you as possible because to err is human, to forgive, divine and to reconcile my choice!

To err is human! To forgive divine! Reconciliation, my choice!

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