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Reviewed by- Onyinye Okechukwu
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So here’s my review for Game Of Thrones S8E1. First, they made the theme graphics better, a great start…but!

Reminisce of the small boy and the army marching into Winterfell, cool. The first sentence with Tyrion n the balless man, got me smiling n I was like, ‘yes, my Tyrion is very well alive.

Then, things started going fast, like so fast. They are probably trying to rush the serenre of the reunion so the main winter starts in the 2nd or 3rd episode, cuz even Bran said: “there’s no time for all these”.Arya and Jon, common…it should have been better. That reunion was so anticipated to just go off like that…duh I was codedly expecting fireworks or something

Why the heck do they have to rush the truth like that…it took us years to find out and they just poured it out like; just like that. Sam and Jon tried with the emotions sha, but seriously. As I said, there was no time for serenre, the real show has to start.

Image result for game of thrones
Daenerys of House Targaryen

I want to hug Dany and tell her she’ll be fine but then she’s acting all god mighty, I have 2 dragons, you have to like my bitchy attitude.
*Sansa chillax biko. Nobody is taking your place. The attitude with Tyrion wasn’t even necessary.

*Arya and Gendry got me all smiling from ear to ear. Don’t know why I didn’t even think of it b4 now.
*Bran cmon, get your shit together and stop acting so messed up…please have mercy on Jaime *crying*

Plenty more to say on each character…Cercei, I hail o!!!
Did I say what’s on your mind? Is this even how to write a review…smh

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