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When you no Longer Work There

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Why is it that we are never completely over our previous workplaces?
When I was a youth corper I worked in a firm whose identity I wouldn’t wanna disclose. Fortunately or unfortunately(I can’t really say) I wasn’t retained after my one year of service but that didn’t make me cut communications with the staff especially one of them whom I genuinely tag a friend.
Often I talk with her over the phone to be abreast on her personal life but most importantly work. She does same too. Now here’s what happens during the call…I realize that 85% of what we always talk about is my former workplace where she still works.
It’s always ‘Babe what’s up? How’s work? What happened today… I heard blah blah blah’  It feels more like her work stories interest me more than she who is a staff.
Whenever she says she has a certain gist(gossip) for me concerning something that happened at work, it excites me so much that I always do not want it to wait.
I realize that I haven’t moved on from the job and the people in it despite it not being a place I would have loved to start my career.
This happens to everyone too. I mean people who got sacked from their place of work, people whose contract got terminated or elapsed and even the ones who willingly resigned from their jobs…they keep the calls coming, always wanting to be abreast. A few do so for mere curiosity but most for harbored bitterness…the management hurt them in ways as they say.
Why do we keep the calls coming?
Even the ones who claim they are in a better place keep up with the calls, most times trying to convince those who still work there to leave. Sometimes they even get sad when they learn that something good happened with the company. They feel since they no longer work there the company deserves all the setbacks in the universe.
All the time I wonder, Why we keep checking!  Why are we most excited about the hiccups of workplaces we’ve worked in the past? Could it be a part of the human makeup to be naturally drawn to the things that should not matter?  Or maybe it’s really hard to let go of certain history or think them in a favorable light.
A friend of mine jokingly described it as withdrawal syndrome…perhaps he is right! what do you attribute as the cause(s)?
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2 years ago

Me I’m over 😂😂😂😂. I literally ran away before they send me to the great beyond with work and stress


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