Is Over Flogging Gratitude A Yardstick For Gratefulness?

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So at the gym yesterday I heard this dude say to a lady…’ I’ve been waiting for you to come and say thank you for yesterday’. He said so wearing an indecisive frown.

The lady was shocked yet tried to be cordial with her response. ‘Ah I already thanked you yesterday but then again thank you for yesterday,’ she said. Then he gave her a receptive smile.

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The scenario got me perplexed. I am not the kind who repeatedly says ‘Thank you’ not until yesterday when I discovered it is actually a big deal to some people out there.

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Personally, I do not enjoy someone over flogging gratitude in my face because I did them a favor, hence my reason for not doing the same to others.

Is over flogging gratitude a guarantee that an individual is truly grateful?

Come to think of it, is over flogging gratitude a guarantee that an individual is truly grateful? A person might say ‘Thank you’ numerous times because they want more favors coming, not because they truly appreciate the effort.

Hmmm! on the other hand, who knows how many favors I have been denied for not saying ‘Thank you‘ an umpteenth time😯. Do you think it’s a sign of gratitude? 

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2 years ago

I don’t mean to be rude, but I think you are weird.

In one of your posts, you said you find acts of kindness off-putting, and that you feel some sort of resentment towards people for being kind.

Now you are talking about not wanting to help people because you do not appreciate being showered with gratitude. Haaaaaaaaa! You are one of a kind.

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