How do I get better with Phone Calls?  

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Dear Mutterers, how do you all cope? Asides that I hate ring tones no matter how subtle it might be, I hate taking phone calls too.

The only time you will find my phone on ‘loud mode’ is if I am expecting a very important call most preferrably a dispatch. And as soon as I am done, it goes back to the norm, ‘SILENT’.

God help me I forget to put it back on silent and it rings… OMG! first I freak out at the tone, then I’m hit by a reflex mood swing (maybe a residual effect of the anxiety) that most times becomes too unhealthy for the caller. I’m either belligerent or numb and they can tell it’s not the usual me. But it’s not my fault, I must have rejected the call the first and maybe the second time and they choose to call for a third.

Phone calls
Can I actually say this?
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I also get pissed at so many missed calls. Do I owe you? So why give me three or more missed calls? What makes you think I wasn’t with my phone all the while you were calling? Most times I am with it but not ready to talk.

Before you call me, be sure it’s not textable. I love to text, I connect better with it even if it’s just a word there. I’m good. No matter how rude the text might be, it’s better than tending to some voices.

Maybe I am selfish, maybe it’s just my nature, I can’t say. I just want to talk to people when I want to, not the other way round. That’s why if I eventually pick the call, I exchange pleasantries and then  say ‘Please can I call back, I’m actually busy’.

Phone calls
I cringe!
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More than half the time, I am busy in my head. Either enjoying what is in there or being tensed for some reasons. It’s usually offensive that a phone call sometimes interrupts such a sacred moment. Asides this, I noticed that my mouth becomes so heavy to speak sometimes due to fatigue triggered by the day’s activity. From traffic to work, back to traffic, and I have to go through this five days in a week… damn! 

I actually enjoy a few people calling me though. The ones who understand that it is okay not to be welcoming sometimes and then they get into the mood with you because they love you. And the ones who make me laugh too are precious but it’s so unfortunate I find myself not being in the mood for laughs sometimes.

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Phone calls
I’m busy in my head

If I say I will call back and I forgot, believe me, I did. There is no harm in sending a text to remind me. Generally, there is actually no shame in reminding people of a favour they promised you. If you are of the opinion that if it matters to them they wouldn’t forget, then pray you don’t encounter my kind because if I am not forgetting, I keep procrastinating and your reminder will be the silver lining at such moments.

Phone calls

Well, guess what😁. I need your help! How do I get better with phone calls🥺? If not for any reason, I don’t want to be that friend you call when you have a gun to you head, hoping that they won’t pick😂😂.




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7 months ago

I stutter a bit and talking is a bit of a pain lol so how am I suppose to spend 2 hours on the phone…my ex never understood. I really don’t blame her though because that was how we started off. We where getting to know ourselves and we will spend hours on the phone the good thing was she did most of the talking but that too was still a bit stressful for me…she will attempt to kill me if she sees this lol haha jokes. But yeah have you ever been in a relationship where you and your… Read more »

7 months ago

Okay!!! Good to know. I’m really enjoying this confession sessions, so all the missed calls I usually give you, you were purposely avoiding my calls. Issokay 🙂

7 months ago

This is really.. Just wow!
I’ll be right back.

7 months ago

Thank God I’m not like some bad people and if you look at me somehow, I’ll say it again… Bad somebody.

The only way to get better is to call…

King Blessed
King Blessed
7 months ago

I think is okay to be polite, instead of ignoring calls, you can politely make your caller know that you are not always comfortable with long calls. I’m sure a reasonable person will understand and appreciate your person bearing in mind that folks enjoy speaking with you on phone because they love and appreciate you 😘, then being polite will be a good manner. Nobody loves to be ignored! Thus, it will help to have geniue interest in people, add value to them, see Angels in people. You will find yourself treating people like Angels …you wouldn’t want to ignore… Read more »


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