How do you play on Social Media?

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When someone visits your page on social media and likes almost all the photos you have on there and also follows you, what do you do?

  • Do you ignore? 
  • Do you go to their own page and like back? 
  • Do you follow back?

This is guilt-tripping. Most times the person is waiting for the same reaction. You think you’ve found a fan but when you don’t reciprocate, they unfollow you. And if you reciprocate the gesture, moving forward you will notice that the follow back was all they needed. No more traces of them on your timeline. 

A friend of mine told me she got angry at her cousin for not replying to her comment on Instagram. She got so angry that she went back to delete her comment. I asked why and she said her cousin replied to all the other people who commented but her. I told her, perhaps her comment didn’t warrant a reply.

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It could also have been that someone else commented something similar to hers and her cousin had to choose one. It’s just like asking for the price of an item in the comment session, and eventually, when you scroll through, you realize some other person’s comment has been responded to in that light. 

social media
Like for like? follow for follow?

So here’s the question, do you comment on a post with the intention to get a reply or to air just your opinion. Yeah I know it goes both ways, it depends on the post right! but will you be that angry and see it as an insult like my friend did. The truth is not all comments warrant a reply, it is even tiring sometimes having to reply to comments.

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Also are you the type who does ‘like for like’,  ‘follow for follow’ and all other social media shenanigans? Basically, how do you play on social media?

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Bibi Mela
Bibi Mela
2 years ago

It’s not compulsory I like your photos in return if you like mine. And one thing is certain, I don’t do follow for follow. As regards commenting, I personally feel it’s necessary and shows courtesy. It tells the person that yuu acknowledge and recognise their comments. Even if it’s just an ordinary like back of the comment, it’s something Bruh! Don’t just ignore and look away.

2 years ago

I don’t think it’s necessary to like someone’s post just because they liked yours. If you visit my page and like almost all my photos, I may be curious to know who you are and visit yours but not necessarily liking your posts. However, if there are few posts that really worth being liked on your page, I may like or comment

Ezeugo 1
Ezeugo 1
2 years ago

People make a big deal out of nothing. The only time I look out for comments or likes is when my post is directed to a particular someone or certain group of people . I comment just to lay down my opinion. Wether you reply it or not is none of my business

2 years ago

Nice piece.

2 years ago

If my comment deserves an answer and I don’t get a reply I won’t comment on your post again. And it’s a bad sign if someone replies everyone that commented on his/her status and don’t reply yours.
Personally I love been active on people’s post especially if I know you. The only thing that will warrant my withdrawal is if you disrespect me cos of a post I will stay away.
And I don’t care if anyone reciprocates by liking or commenting on my post. So, it’s not compulsory

2 years ago

I can imagine how fustrated she got, especially when you thought you were close with the person but you just got “snubbed”. But the sad thing is the cousin might have unintentionally skipped it. Anyone that doesn’t reply me on sm, I’m deleting my comment sha.
I follow back if I feel I can ‘learn’ things from you, if not, I’ll prob just like your pics back. If I follow (seemingly interesting person) and you don’t follow back, I’m gonna unfollow (You’re not Beyonce 😒)

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