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How To Get Away With Murder S6E2: Is Michaela’s Father really Dead?

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While episode one of season six gripped viewers with suspense as it revealed the imminent death of Annalise Keating in its last scene and also generally gave a hint on what the characters might be up to in subsequent episodes, episode 2 although taking the same line, came out bitter-sweet in playing the suspense card.

Most viewers had the mind that Peter Nowalk was going to kick off episode 2 with the death of Annalise, but we see the professor still Alive and well, explaining to berserk Michaela that she was only an intern in her father, Dwight Halpern case and had nothing personally on him to have deliberately picked her for the ‘Keating 5’, of course, it’s Michaela, she wasn’t buying what Annalise was selling.

Somehow I had the premonition that Micheala was on a lost cause trying to find her father. I had thought that if he doesn’t read the same script as Nate Senior, he might just flip it a little and that was it, he had died about a year ago.


Image result for michaela pratt and Annalise how to get away with murder season 6
Michaela Pratt

Just maybe if it were the last two seasons, Peter Nowalk would have made provision for extra characters but right now it’s serious business as the script focuses on characters who have been there or disappeared far back in the series. Speaking of which, I’m looking forward to having Sam’s sister, Hannah Keating, and Annalise’s ex-girlfriend, Eve,  bring some fire back to our screens, just like Vivian Maddox who seems to be blowing some heat…well we shall see who gets hurt at the end of the day.

But hold on why did the prison guard tell Micheala she could meet her dad now, only to discover he was dead? I smell a little fish here, shouldn’t he have been aware that he was dead or? Perhaps someone can enlighten me on how the prison system works in the comment session. In my opinion, something is not right here, is her father really dead?

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