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How to Get Away With Murder S6E1: Vivian’s Hate on Annalise, a Fuel for Sam’s Case

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So Gabriel gives his word to Micheala, promising to love her long term and they both make love. Hmmm how sweet! This was my thought the whole time I’m watching and then ‘Tring Tring Tring’, that was Gabriel’s phone after Micheala had gone to the bathroom to clean up.

It was his mother, Vivian Maddox. “Hey I know I missed your call this weekend”. Gabriel said as soon as he answers the phone. “Then you know you also have to call me twice this week”…Vivian responded.

He lies to her that he’s still studying at the University of Virginia unbeknownst to him that she was parked right outside his apartment and looking up to his bedroom.

Gabriel and his mom appeared to be 5 & 6, so what’s up with the lies to each other. Vivian is in town and she wouldn’t let her son know, likewise Gabriel who’s not studying but prefers to lie about it.

Like Gabriel has promised to love Michaela long term, so is Vivian who has arrived in the town long term. She is seen unpacking in a new apartment and places in a shelf a box labelled  “Dr Sam Keating — Case 2882.” 

Then, she receives a  text from a withheld number: “Annalise is back.”

Hmmm! Is it about to be a bumpy bloody ride on Annalise?  Well, I’m guessing so.

It is obvious Vivian intends to reopen Sam’s case, but why? Why reopen the case of a man who was never there for you and your son? Perhaps you loved him Vivian, but Sam was away too long from you to have your love for him boiling at his death.

It’s more of anger. You are angry Vivian. He left you for a fellow black woman, Annalise, and that hurts you so much. It hurts you so bad that you have been scheming your revenge even before his death and now it came for you on a platter, his death is now an avenue to fuel your long years of hatred. I know.

How to get away with Murder
Gabriel Maddox

With the last conversation with Vivian and Gabriel, I could sense a feeling of betrayal from her. I think She sent him there purposely for revenge. She needed a third eye to keep tabs on Annalise and he was her best bet.

Gabriel being free-spirited barely remembers to check on her as he used to. He is carried away and wants to be friends with the ‘Keating’s Five’. Well, we’ll see where that lands him.

By the way who texted Vivian? I will put my money on Frank! Recall in the last scene of season 4, when Gabriel made his first appearance on the season? At the ongoing registration at the Law school? And we see Frank put a call across saying “Your son is here”.

Who did he call? I bet Vivian! Remember Frank is that guy who knew all of Sam’s escapades and did his dirty biddings as recompense for plotting the death of Annalise’s son.
But the question now is, would he take long before he informs Annalise about Vivian’s arrival like he did with Gabriel’s or would he work in Tandem with Vivian.
Over to you, what’s your take on this episode of How to Get Away with Murder, season 6, episode one? I’ll await your comments.
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