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How To Get Away With Murder S6E3: Vivian Maddox wont Stop!

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In my review of How To Get Away With Murder, season 6 episode 2, I mentioned that it was a 50-50 chance with Vivian Maddox, I mean it was either she went back home or found something potent against Annalise Keating.

Well, guess what, the latter was it. The moment I saw Vivian Maddox in the courtroom, I knew there was more. “You speak so highly of Annalise, I wanna see what the hype is about” these were her words to Gabriel when he asked what she was doing in court.  But was it just about the hype?

From the storyline, we observed that Vivian hadn’t had a primary contact with Annalise until Sam’s death but I am sure she’s heard so much about Annalise’s legal prowess and kept wondering how it was possible for a black woman to always emerge victorious in her court cases especially in a society where racism was the order of the day. Remember the Supreme Court victory? I’m sure she heard that too, I mean that was all over the news. At every of Annalise’s win, Vivian is aghast at how she does it, is she some type of God or something? 

How to get away with Murder
Gabriel Maddox

Like the saying ‘people will always hate what they cannot comprehend’, Vivian hates Annalise not just for Sam but for her black woman magic. Deep down something tells her Annalise is a facade and a walking lie that is why at every opportunity, she spells it to her face. Vivian’s ultimate wish is that the world sees Annalise for who she really is that is why she keeps digging into matters that involve Annalise.


Michaela’s defence of her client in court becomes Vivian’s ultimate cue. I literally heard her say “Bursted Bit**”…funny innit! According to Vivian, there is no how a person who hadn’t had first-hand experience with a murder case will be so passionate like the way Michaela spoke in court. Putting the little pieces together, she comes to the conclusion that it was about Sam death. 

Vivian was wowed by Gabriel’s session in court, now she feels he got what it takes to bring his father, Sam’s killers to book hence her reason for handing him all Sam’s file. I can’t wait to see what he does with it. Perhaps he finds something triggering that makes him kill Annalise? Just maybe he’s the killer we’ve been looking for.

Now, what next? Vivian has struck a deal with the FBI, one thing for sure is she won’t stop until Annalise is brought to book.

How To Get Away With Murder S6E3: “HI, FRANK”
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