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How To Get Away With Murder S6E2: Will Vivian Leave Town? or Find Something Potent Against Annalise?

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I was right about Vivian Maddox in my last review, it was ‘hate’ the whole time, I mean her hate for Annalise which fuels her to reopen Sam’s case. 

She is equally angry about Gabriel who has refused to give her the necessary attention and as usual, Annalise becomes the center of blame.

Gabriel was cleaning his grandmother’s apartment, Gwen, after her death when he found his birth certificate and moved to Middleton University in Philadelphia in between his first and second years at law school from the University of Virginia in order to get answers for his father’s death. To Vivian’s knowledge, he still attends UVA.

…” but things didn’t go that way for me, Annalise, Sam was the magic, you felt it too. A man that not only sees you but sees the ugliness inside you and wants you even more because of it. Sam wanted me like I was perfect. You don’t get to feel that and be okay when it goes away,it’s a horrible feeling. And I blame Sam because he’s the one who broke vows, but I blame you too”… Vivian has been angry for 25 years, I could relate to her pains. That moment when you get too comfortable in love and suddenly the spark disappears, who do you blame? The other woman? Well, your guess is as good as Vivian’s.

how to get away with murder
Gabriel Maddox and Professor Annalise Keating

“…Now, look at those two dark skin sisters playing out the same story, giving everything over for a man who sees us in a world that doesn’t exist. It is not magic Vivian, it’s a lie.” At this point, we could see that Annalise felt Vivian’s pain but she wasn’t going to wallow in it. It’s a lie Vivian, the magic was a mirage. Annalise had lived with Sam for over 25 years and that’s a really long time to uncover a person’s true character. Yes, she fell for Sam’s magic just like Vivian but in marriage with him, She studied Sam well enough to know that his love antics accompanied deceit. Prior to the statement, Annalise narrated to Vivian how it was Sam who came after her, his ‘patient’, “God knows I could have said ‘no’ but I needed him to make myself feel worthy”. This gave the viewers an insight on how long Annalise had always battled with low self-esteem and hated being black.

Will Vivian actually live town now that Annalise has something on her son Gabriel? Hell is definitely gonna receive one visitor when Michaela finds out Asher couldn’t keep his mouth shut for the umpteenth time.


Although it wasn’t Annalise’s intention to tell Vivian that Gabriel killed her ex but I feel it was best. I mean Vivian had the nerve to go to the freakin FBI, common! that’s Annalise’s worst nightmare and she will go to every length to ensure it doesn’t happen.

I think it is a 50:50 here, Vivian would either leave town considering her love for her son Gabriel or find something stronger against Annalise.

Well, we look forward to more answers on subsequent episodes on the series How to Get Away With Murder.


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