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Jumanji: The Next Level; bland production makes it Cinema unworthy

Reviewed by Adebukola Benjamin
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So about Jumanji: The Next Level…ermm where do I begin? 

I like to believe most of us already know the cliche storyline of the fantasy adventure. Whereby a group of friends get sucked into a game, gets transformed into entirely different characters than they look in real life and then have to play the game with only three lifelines.

However, the recent release, Jumanji: The Next Level, directed by Jake Kasdan, and co-written by Kasdan, Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg tells the story of the main character Spencer who fell into a nostalgic depression because he misses the character he became when he got sucked into the game in part one.

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Jumanji: The Next Level

Craving to feel the same again, Spencer plays the game again and gets sucked. His friends try to save him only to realise the game was full unbeknownst to them the game had swallowed Spencer’s grandpa and his old-time friend, a character played by Danny Glover. 

Spencer wasn’t lucky this time as he transforms into a feminine character instead, while his grandpa clinched the character he longed for, Dwayne Johnson. His old-time friend transforms into Kevin Hart.

In the course of the game, Dwayne Johnson  finds it difficult to grasp, making them stuck in the video game and also kept getting everyone killed😅

Big clap to Kevin Hart for mimicking Danny Glover perfectly and for all the times he got them into trouble with his beat about the bush sermons.

I was excited to see Rory McCann [The Hound] from Game Of Thrones, you remember him? If you watched the series then you should. Well, unsurprisingly he is the Villain in the Jumanji world.


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Hollop! I think I’m going too far with the spoilers. I will stop here.

Need I say that apart from the new characters and the comic theme , Jumanji: The Next Level lacked originality. It was bland as there was no action to look forward to. There was no jaw-dropping twist or stomach-churning suspense. It felt flat and I found myself wishing I had waited for it to be out online rather than rushing to the cinema to watch it. 

However, amid its shortcomings, Jumanji: The Next Level, focuses on the beauty of genuine friendship, teamwork, forgiveness, rebuilding broken relationships and finding peace.

Overall, I will rate it 6/10.


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3 years ago

First off, I agree with the Kevin Hart review, his switch showed he could have comedic roles and still pull off actual acting as well. Now as per the twists; (warning, proceed past this point at the risk of spoilers) maybe I am influenced or biased by seeing Dwayne The Rock Johnson show range and do something different from his usual action flicks. He actually did well in his portrayal of a senile old man; plus he did change his voice and accent a bit and it wasn’t half bad (again, maybe its bias😂, we needed this change so baaaad).… Read more »

muttering minds
3 years ago
Reply to  Seyi

Thank you for this feedback. Its actually refreshing getting a different angle to the movie.👏👏 Perhaps we might just spin this into a single post🤔

3 years ago

Spoilers everywhere 😣😣 well I’m glad I haven’t gone to the cinema to see it, I’ll download it when it’s online 🤪🤪

muttering minds
3 years ago
Reply to  Bubu

😂😂😂 dont be mean

3 years ago

Ermmm… I’ll have to watch the movie first to buy this one shaa 😅 Cos I’ve seen the prequel and from all indicatons, it’s not like Jurassic park so I don’t expect any much action or suspense other than the how the characters delivered their roles, the overall cinematography, the plot, lessons and one or two quotes to live by… Yunno 😎

muttering minds
3 years ago
Reply to  Obama


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