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Karma! What goes around doesn’t come around

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Why exactly are you kind to people? Why do you give even when you have little to spare? Is it because you feel it in your heart to do so or because you think about tomorrow… Perhaps you might be the one in the ‘needing’ shoes next time yeah?

A lot of people go out of their way to be kind, after contesting it severally in their mind, grumbling and all what not, they resolve to give notwithstanding. They give because majority gave, not like it was easy for them but because they heard words like “What if it’s you tomorrow… If you don’t give, in your time no one will give to you when you need help”.

I am not saying it is bad to give or lend a helping hand to someone in dire need, but do you feel it in your heart to do so? Are you doing it for the sake of you or for the fear of Karma? Some say “Give because it is the right thing to do, not because you feel it” but I beg to differ. You must feel it in your heart to give, otherwise, it’s hypocrisy.

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Do you believe in Karma?

I don’t believe in Karma! Karma is only a guilt-tripping mechanism. It registers in our consciousness and takes advantage of our true human nature. The constant thought of Karma will only exploit a man’s true behavior. Let me tell you, no matter how much of a good man or woman you are, if you need help tomorrow the world will not fall at your feet. Some will give, Some will rebel against giving you…that’s life! You are good doesn’t mean good things will forever follow you.

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For someone like me, no matter how good or bad I know you are, I still wouldn’t lend a help except I feel it, and mind you, my feelings are not based on the fact that you are good or bad. Giving is an emotion, if I don’t feel it, I won’t give it.  If you have to inculcate giving or be selfish, do it because it’s how you truly feel. If you also desire the need to change behavior, do it for you and not because you want people to be kind in return.

If it’s true that good follows good, why then do we often ask why bad things happen to good people? What goes around doesn’t come around… The world is made of ‘good and bad’, everyone will have a taste of both sides.

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3 years ago

Truly everything we were told about life is actually not what it is. Give because you want to, if you don’t want to then don’t. I was told to” if you give you would always receive”. I’ve come to realize this is not entirely true.

2 years ago

I don’t give because I expect the recipient of my largesse to return the favour some day. I don’t want anyone to be beholden to me.

This may sound weird, but I invest my time, resources, etc in other people because I want them to feel like they’ve been struck by thunder when our friendship crashes. There are no permanent friends. So helping someone because you think they might help you tomorrow doesn’t make an ounce of sense.

2 years ago

Well it’s good to be good especially if it’s from d heart and sometimes it’s not good to be good , cos someday u might not even be the one to receive the reward but someone around you. Someone like me, I like helping people in need esp urgent needs not becos of tmrw but it’s me. Cos recently someone called me for an urgent need for money not like d person is my close pal or sth, but cos I saw what he wanted using it for I decided to help him at my own expense, up till now… Read more »

2 years ago

Recently, I started doubting if karma exists and judging by what we see in life, it’s safe to say it doesn’t. Good and bad happens to us all, and if one thinks the bad that happens to a person is karma at work… What’s the measurement to show that they’re receiving the actual reward for their deeds? just saying I do things these days cos I want to and most times cos I’m led to. Life is quite mysterious and most times, it’s in our attempt to make sense of it that we come up with some dumb idea justify… Read more »

2 years ago

Most people help for accolades. I give because the person the ask is truly in need of it not because I want it to be reciprocated

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