Men Not Robots! Why the Deficiency?

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Anyone can be rigid at heart, anyone can cry whenever they feel the need to, It doesn’t matter if they are male or female.

Why is so much mental and physical strength expected from men and then the women, allowed to live a life fraught with so much emotional display? Societal yardsticks have completely deafened the individuality of each male and replaced them with collective generalizations. Why?

Needing love and attention is not feminine, anyone can crave it. We have displaced the individual psychology of men so much that we don’t see the need to tender them any appreciation. We expect strength, will power, numbness and any other valid feature only robots should own from men. Are they robots in disguise?

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Needing love and attention is not feminine, anyone can crave it…

The deficiency in the appreciation of the men is evident in every unit of our society, starting from the family, down to the church and even other units like the hospital. More than half the songs released, poems written, art, empowerment schemes, makes women a central theme.

You cannot listen to a music playlist on TV and not observe most of the tracks are centred on a woman.  Either adorning her body, her mannerisms, the beauty of motherhood and what have you. Would there ever be an uprising of songs appreciating the men?

In the home too, children pay more attention to their mothers and see their fathers as a demi-god that exercises maximum supremacy.

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Like the ladies, they have the right to an outpour of emotions

Sometimes the man just needs a simple “How are you?” or “I love you” and their day is made.

Because we have learned that a man ought to show strength, it becomes a culture shock when we witness a downpour of emotions from the man. You hear side remarks like “He’s a pussy”, “Why is he behaving like a woman”.

A man who needs to express his joy or sadness by crying in public or even at home cannot do so comfortably because he didn’t learn from society to be that way. A man who ought to be lenient in expressing his feelings will not do so because if he does, he will be termed a weakling.  Why do we feel that the men deserve no form of soft care? Don’t they need empowerment too?  Don’t they deserve equal appreciation like the women?

I will be glad to see society appreciate the man more than they are given.  Let there be songs sang for the men too, poetry written to adorn their bodies, more artworks to display their masculinity and emotions, empowerment programs that balance that of the females and many more.

Men are not robots. Like the ladies, they have the right to an outpour of emotions. While each one  of them cannot wield the same level of strength and psychological makeup differ, we must learn to appreciate them for who they truly are, and not what society thinks they should be.


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3 years ago

Interesting read!

3 years ago

“Women just want their men to be men.” ~ Shaft (2019)

That’s the reality of the society we live in, no woman wants a “weakling” for a man and even the men hardly want to deal with a man that’s emotional so to speak.

P. S Pussy is actually like the strongest thing I know.. Upon all the pressure and even pushing out a full human, it still stays intact in most cases. Just do small mistake with a man’s penis… 😂 😂🤣

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