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Online Chatting is not a Relay Race

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Just like it is okay not to take a phone call, it is also okay not to respond to an online chat.

If you send me a message via Whatsapp or any of the other chat enabling apps, I have the right to ignore. By ignoring I mean reading without a response or not opening the chat at all.

Online chatting is not a relay race. Your messages are not a baton that a recipient ought to run with immediately he/she receives it and then responds immediately.

Expecting a fast reply or same mood from the recipient  is an epileptic way of maintaining relations. If you chat a person up, they are not bound to match your energy at the moment. They can decide to be numb, overly excited or flow with the same energy, the choice is theirs. Just like we have good and bad days, so is our receptiveness to chats.

It’s very foolish to say “I actually chatted her up but the vibe she gave me was bad, I had to end the conversation”. Did you care to find out if she was in the right mood? 

online chatting
Online chatting is not a relay race.

I also observed that a lot of us avoid being the ones to end a chat. For example;

John Doe– Nice pics you got there.

You Thank you.

John Doe– You are welcome.

You– Yeah.

John Doe– Ok

You– Alright

Ideally, the chat should have ended at John Doe’s ‘You are welcome’. But No! We think that leaving him on ‘read’ is a rude thing to do. Ok, let’s agree it is rude, of what meaning are the other words then? 

Listen! online chatting is not difficult. HERE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE: Never expect the same energy from the recipient. 

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If you require the same energy, you better put a call across to inform them that you will love to chat at a certain time for preparedness sake, and this is not even a guarantee. Even your best chat buddy cannot be goofy every time.

Yeah lest I forget, if you chat with someone and they left your message unattended, there’s no harm in sending them another message. They probably got carried away with something else.

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Silas Otue
Silas Otue
2 years ago

You just conveyed all that’s on my mind.

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