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Parents are the best Pretenders

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Dear Mutterers, I fear that parents are the best pretenders you can ever come across, I really don’t know how they master this act but they sure excel well at it. 

My parents, for example, can be a handful to us their kids but it’s funny how the tables turn when our friends or the cousins come over for a vacation. 

I  begin to see a different side to my parents, which makes it the perfect time to take advantage you know lol!  I could ask them for anything at that time and viola! my wish is their command. How they wear fake smiles so comfortable mehn! It’s  genius. 

Times like this, my cousins or friends can press several buttons (mumu button) asking them for favours they normally wouldn’t say yes to us, their kids. But it sure works this time, funny enough I sometimes incite these acts.

“Your parents are actually cool you know?”…there goes my friend commending. It’s funny and yet not funny because if only they knew how much of a disciplinarian they are, they wouldn’t dare say. Maybe they should spend a month or more.

I hate to say this but because of the ‘put up appearance’ my parents do whenever there is a visitor, I can never visit someone’s home and feel all relaxed thinking their parents are actually nice. I always understand that my visit is one of those times they need to be at their best behaviour especially in theatrics. The mastery of these activities though can be scary, one can’t tell where the real love at *sighs*…

Maybe pretence is part of the package that comes with being a parent. They can’t help but show some love even if they have to fake it right? Parenting is definitely a tough skill.

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Silas Otue
Silas Otue
1 year ago

For this one, I totally agree with you….
That pretentious skill is like an original charger, it comes with being a parent and such skill is one in a million.

1 year ago

I am always stylishly asking if a friend’s parent would be around when i am about to go visiting.. All the 100 watt smiles i have to dish out and nodding of head can be tasking 😁

1 year ago

So true. The best time to ask my mum for something is when she has a visitor. She will gladly do it without opposing.

1 year ago

🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

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