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Praying in Public; Panic attacks!

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“Hey, Uju! please could you help close the meeting by leading us in prayer”

“AH! please I can’t pray! Oops! I mean my voice is not loud enough…Sorry! I don’t share prayer… I really don’t know how to pray…”😥😫😳

And there goes sprouting on and on a list of flimsy excuses.

Prayer phobia is the irrational fear of prayer and prayer related topics, majority of us suffer from prayer phobia. 

So today I sat down to think about why most people suddenly become afraid when it’s time to pray in public, especially when they are assigned to lead. Funny enough the majority in this category are people who are bold enough to have any sort of conversation in public, so why is prayer an exemption? 


Let’s invest some seconds in admiring the Praying Mantis

There is no special manual to become an exceptional prayer person. The act of Praying is not a skill to be mastered although it can be improved over time. Just like we have different traits (idiosyncrasies) that are unique to us, so is our prayer style.

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Prayer and individuality go hand in hand. A lot of us are scared to pray simply because we know we cannot sound ( or act) like that preacher or brethren who we rate best at it. We have been subliminally made to believe that we ought to pitch our voices in certain ways when we pray and this is wrong. Who are you impressing? God? Man? 😒


In my opinion, praying is unique to each individual. If you are a slow/mild talker and it is comfortable for you to pray that way, stick to it. Do not lose your style to meet certain yardsticks.

Also just like the way our mood changes due to certain factors, so is prayer. If you feel it deeply to be mild or loud, just flow according to your spirit.

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You never know whose soul you’ll touch with that prayer style of yours. There is really no better way to pray than to pray with entire sincerity. Taking up the identity of another man in prayer is a harmful shoe to put on. Just as God created us uniquely, I strongly believe he wants our service with him to be unique also. Imagine everyone behaves the same way when they relate with you, wouldn’t you be bored of life?

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Be aware of who you are! Own who you are even while praying!

Do you suffer from prayer phobia? Kindly leave me a comment on your experience so far and how you’ve tried to deal with it. Likewise being a prayer guru too…😄👇👇


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3 years ago

One thing I dread so much is being asked to pray in public. I suddenly forget my vocabulary.

My one and only excuse whenever I’m asked to pray in public but I don’t feel like it is, ” I’m not in the spirit”.

I once told someone I wasn’t in the spirit when he asked me to pray. His response was, “When will you ever be in the spirit?”.

3 years ago


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