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Spewing Hate or Love to Appease your Senses

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It’s very tempting to like someone or something so much and want others to like them too, but it is wrong.

 ‘Different strokes for different folks’ wasn’t just connoted to tolerate ideas and preferences of individuals, it also boils down to respecting totally personal preferences.

Many times we are guilty of spewing hate or Love to placate our senses. We would often say “Gosh! What do people see in her(him) that they love so much?”  well it’s not supposed to be your business after all one man’s poison is another’s food right?

Take for example the recently concluded Big Brother Naija season 4,  I’ve seen not once, not twice but for the umpteenth time derogatory comments from various ‘fan bodies’, trying to ‘pepper dem’ non-affiliates. There have been endless bickerings like “What do you people see in this girl, her character is so disgusting””I am a fan of so and so, you have to support her otherwise””All of you loving this babe are all mad””I stan with ****”…and blah blah blah.

Should it matter if someone doesn’t love who we love? All that should matter is that we love who or what we love. Why curse out on people because they have chosen to pledge their allegiance somewhere else or be apathetic. Perhaps some persuasive marketing would do, like stating tangible reasons why you love so and so…hollop! Do not be tempted to say why they must love them back. If your reasons are good enough then any reasonable party will hop on it.

Again, you can’t mock people for the kinds of food they love. It’s disparaging to say “hahaha you mean you eat this, this thing that tastes like trash, yuck!” Don’t make people feel foolish because they like certain things. 

hate or love
Tolerance is all that matters

The ones that irk me the most are the Nigerians who claim they don’t watch Nigerian movies. We know you love Hollywood, do you see us condemning you when you watch foreign movies? Most of you all act like you struggling to wake up from a nightmare when you stumble on someone watching Nollywood. You get remarks like “for real! You watch Nollywood?” 

You are human. It is okay to portray in a good light what or who appeals to you, it’s okay to be obsessed. It’s also okay to dislike someone or an activity that gets your goat but do not shove love or hate down another’s throat, do not ridicule …it is condemnable on all levels. 


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2 years ago

I learnt something today

2 years ago

Order 2 bottles of Heineken and nkwobbi, bills on me. 😌 This post is spot on 👌🏾 I’ve always said that, I don’t have problems with people’s preferences or their inner cravings as long as they don’t try to shove it down my throat. We’re all wired differently but people don’t seem to get that at all, we often think compatibility means we must have same taste and matching desires. If that is so, how then can we compliment another in the area they’re lacking? I’ve seen more Hollywood movies than Nollywood but you won’t hear me say things like,… Read more »

2 years ago

Am I using it for community project? 🙄

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