1000 ways to die

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Someone asked me yesterday how I would love to die if given a chance to choose… hmmm! I was utterly dumbstruck,  some questions are really tough to get an immediate answer you know. 

Before now I thought I knew how I wanted to die, but definitely not by a motor or plane accident, I mean who wants to die putting their ghost through so much stress of trying to recognize their bodies lol.

And then we threw the same question to my mum who said that everything kills, someone can even die as a result of sitting down too much…. hahahahahahaha! that was so hilarious, how on earth can someone die by sitting down for so long? and then she said “Wait until it makes the news, in fact, more hilarious cases already have and I bet you this scientist will go any length to prove its cause”.

Jokes aside, she is somewhat correct. Anything can kill a person, especially funny things like someonedying in the saddle’ by this I mean the occurrence of death during sexual intercourse; talking about consensual Sex this time. 

How would I even love to dieI don’t even know which one to pick, the most comfortable way everyone thinks of is dying through their sleep. It seems cool but on a second thought I don’t think it’s as peaceful as it looks,  I pressure the person must have gone through some struggles like a heart attack or some psychotic spiritual warfare in the dream that was lost and shit!

Mehn I frankly don’t know how I’ll love to die,  all I know for sure is I‘m gonna live so long, then death can pick me from there if it likes. Is there really a good way to die?  

By the way who has watched A Million Ways to Die in the West, its a  western comedy film directed by Seth MacFarlane in 2014. I bet you gonna love it.

Here is a preview;