2020 valentine

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Talk of excitement? Valentine is upon us already. While the singles before today have been tormented hilariously with the now popular song “Valentine is coming! Where is your boyfriend”, premium lovers will be indulging in some heated romance today.

But let me ask, Is sex on Valentine’s day a must? Back in university, a guy caused an outcry when he collected the expensive gifts he bought his girlfriend on Valentine’s day because she withheld sex from him. 

The incident caused a heated debate, Some held that he acted immaturely and that getting his girl a gift didn’t mean she had to give him sex. Others felt since the guy forked out so much money for gifts, he deserved sex otherwise the girl is a gold digger.

Does not having sex make her a gold digger?

The whole buzz about this year’s valentine made me recall the occurrence, so I asked my friend if sex was key on Valentine’s day.  “Just as rice taste better on Christmas day, sex feels better on Valentine’s day”…he responded.

What should happen then if a girl accepts gifts from her boyfriend but declines to give him sex, insisting that she took a vow of celibacy? Should she return the gift or should the guy let her keep it?

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Lovers look forward to Valentine and attach significance to the day for different reasons. For some ladies, it’s the only day their broke or stingy boyfriend has no excuse not to buy them a gift. A boyfriend who fails to get his girlfriend a valentine’s gift goes against the spirit of Valentine and stands condemned. 

valentine's day
What do you do when she rejects the gift?

Truth is, most men dread valentine because they have to get their girlfriends gifts even if it means they have to beg, steal or borrow. A few men anticipate it because that’s the only day they get to have kinky sex and fulfill their fetish. Bottom line! Valentine’s day has become transactional; Men give gifts and expect to get sex.

My friend, who has an anal fetish, would always take an aphrodisiac on Valentine’s day because he wants to get his money’s worth. Last Valentine he and his girlfriend had kinky sex, anal sex precisely ( a request she had previously turned down). The gifts he bought her made her feel beholden to him. He told me the gifts cost him an arm and a leg and that he could only get his money’s worth if she satisfied his sexual fantasies, and she did.

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After a sex marathon, she came out looking fatigued as she clutched her gift like her life depended on it. How did I know this? My house is adjacent and I got to listen to some funny tunes she sang (if you know you know). And when she was leaving, the busybody in me craned out of the window to catch a glimpse of her. 

Gifts for Sex?

Personally, I have never had a valentine’s fun moment because I have never had a girlfriend during valentine’s. I have never given anyone a valentine’s gift or received any. The universe only connects me to girls after Valentine, and for this, I’m grateful. Not that I’m so broke or stingy, it’s just that I don’t appreciate the drama associated with Valentine. If I ever were to buy someone a valentine’s gift, I’d be torn between not wanting to go bankrupt because I want to impress them or not wanting to cheapen them with the gift I buy. This alone can drive me insane.