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‘A Fall From Grace’ by the award winning film maker Tyler Perry is a clear summary that ‘Everyone ventures into relationships for a reason’. This brings me to two questions:

  • What’s the aim of your relationship with a person?
  • Have you bothered to find out if their aim is in tandem with yours?

No one needs the nostrils of a dog to detect the hidden desperation of the lead character, Grace Walter’s (Crystal Fox), a middle-aged woman who although wore a meek demeanor in the movie appeared desperate for special care.

So what happens when a love ship comes sailing? Would she have the time to look before taking the huge leap? Well like they say, love happens. Shannon a young man old enough to be her son comes bearing all the gifts she’s always yearned for in a man and desperate Grace Walters hops in for a ride. How smooth or bumpy does the ride go anyway?

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A Fall From Grace
A Fall From Grace – Crystal Fox, Mehcad Brooks – Photo Credit: Netflix / Charles Bergmann

In as much as I am itching to tell all about the movie, Tyler Perry has warned not to dish the plot twist online, so I will just wait until a good number has watched before I do a second part review. Fair right?


Take Back Home

While it will be cruel to dish any spoilers, I’ll just go over my take back points from ‘A Fall From Grace’. They include:

  • It is important that everyone answers the first two questions I asked earlier. By relationship, I mean all types. If you are not clear why someone is in your life, ask questions. If you ask and they get aggressive or uncomfortable, walk away.
  • When you call someone your ‘Best Friend’, can you prove it in all ramifications? It’s not about the number of years you’ve been with them gathering myopic information like their favourite colour, best meal, etc. If you can’t bump into their house without notice, if you don’t know anything about their family, if they create unnecessary boundaries like preventing you from seeing around their homes especially their basement, walk away.
  • Whenever you feel the aura that things are taking too many quick steps, appearing too good to be true, do not question your instincts. If you feel the need to take some steps back and reflect, feel yourself. Put you first! Sometimes, It’s okay to be paranoid. And if anyone feels threatened by your paranoia, walk away from them.
  • If you ever come across someone asking too many poking questions, don’t give in. Especially when they never create an avenue for you to ask likewise. Being inquisitive is not caring, walk away.

Production / Casts

Classified as a thriller, the movie has a running time of 115 minutes. The graphics/ picture quality is appealing to the eyes, giving the viewers every reason to keep going.

Although the narration at the beginning followed a steady sequence and one who probably saw the trailer prior to watching might be a little put off at first. But then it picks up much later, getting its viewers sunk in involvement.

The casting for ‘A Fall From Grace’ was typical of Tyler Perry Films. Black stars took the lead roles. 

Asides Crystal Fox’s role as Grace Walter’s, I enjoyed Bresha Webb playing Jasmine, the young lawyer assigned to Walter’s case. Anyone sceptic about taking a huge leap in their career should mirror the resilience of Jasmine. Not to say that she was confident, but her ability to navigate through her fears is admirable.

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A Fall From Grace
Some of the Casts of A Fall From Grace

This is my first time watching Tyler Perry play the role of an asshole on TV. It felt like strange bedfellows. His role as Rory brings to mind one of those bosses you wish they get run over by a train on their way to work. 

Damn it! Mehcad Brooks is a hottie. No one could have played Shannon better. The well-structured abs and height, coupled with the melanin drip! And his alluring voice…! if you were Grace, I bet you’ll fall over a thousand times.

Shout out to other characters like Cicely Tyson, Phylicia Rashad, Matthew Law, Donovan Christie, Angela Marie and Walter Fauntleroy. 

Safe to say that all the characters in the movie are fit to screen.

A Fall From Grace
Casts of A Fall From Grace


Watching ‘A Fall From Grace’ made me realize people are what they say they are until you find out who they really are.

When it comes to making friends, some have the finesse. They know just what to say and how to say it to get the butterflies frenzied in your stomach. 

While you’re basking in the euphoria of their company, while you wonder where they’ve been all your life, it’s always wise to take some steps backwards to unclog your eyes, but is it an easy thing to do?

A Fall From Grace
Special shout out to Tyler Perry for a job well done. 💃💃

Although its message seems like its been preached the umpteenth time, it doesn’t give away the fact that we need to keep preaching it. And Tyler Perry did a great job in conveying the message. 

In exploring love, friendship, marriage and betrayal, ‘A Fall From Grace’ succeeds at becoming a moral watchdog for relationships. 

It is a prospective award-winning film which I recommend to all and sundry. Once again, thumbs up to Tyler Perry studio, I bet tickets will be sold out soon.



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Famous for his psychological thriller movie, ‘Acrimony’, American actor and producer, Tyler Perry, is all out to thrill his fans again with his upcoming movie ‘A Fall From Grace, collaborating with Netflix.

‘A Fall From Grace’ tells the story of a divorcee Grace Waters, played by Crystal Fox, who in the adventures of her lonely life falls into a heated romance with a younger man. They eventually get married but Grace’s life takes a drastic turn afterwards.

The movie will be exclusive to Netflix from January 17th, 2020. It stars, Crystal Fox, Phylicia Rashad, Bresha Webb, Mehcad Brooks, Cicely Tyson, Adrian Pasdar, Matthew Law, Donovan Christie, Jr., Walter Fauntleroy, Angela Marie Rigsby, and Tyler Perry.

Will ‘A Fall From Grace’ overshoot the accolades awarded to ‘Acrimony’ or fall short of recommendations?  ( Cc

Watch the official trailer below:

The release of Acrimony in 2018 stirred so much controversy in the society as it assumed a pivot of virtually every discussion. Its storyline stirred so many lingering arguments among various groups, friends and couples, whereby each party became so opinionated about their allegiance to either Melinda (Taraji P. Henson) or Robert (Lyriq Bent) who were the main characters of the film.

Brief Plot of Acrimony:

When Melinda met Robert, she was sceptical of his charming nature, but couldn’t deny how attracted she was to him. Once they fell in love, Melinda moulded herself into everything he wanted her to be. She sacrificed for him, worked to support his grandiose dreams, and put up with him for better or for worse. Then, one day she realised that, after all, she had done, another woman was reaping the lavish rewards. That’s when Melinda lost it, and now she cannot let it go. ( Cc

Without dubiety, Acrimony was the most talked about film during the time of its release, grossing $46 million worldwide with a bone of contention, ‘Who is at fault?’. If you watched the film, you can relate too.

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Throwback Reviews Of Acrimony From Mutterers…

Femi Wager said:

“I feel that Mel was not reasonable enough. Although she was a support system at the trying phase of Roberts life all she needed to do was trust a little more. How can we say they have been married for several years and she couldn’t forget an act done a long time before marriage? Definitely, she didn’t trust him enough.

He had his flaws alright, but we all do. He was from the streets, he played his cards like a typical dude from the streets but he acknowledged that he owed her everything. How would you explain the ten million dollars? This dude wanted so bad to reconcile things but she had already concluded about him before he even repented- that’s even if he did anything in the first place.

If she was so wonderful like people claim she is, why take him to court after the deal worked out? He was fair. What was she expecting when she went to his house? The lady was there for him at the time when help was fundamental. Most times with help, it is not about when you did it. It is about at what point you did it. The other lady was there for him, up to the point when his deal clicked and he was meant to leave her like that? Haha. I don’t think so”.

A fall from Grace

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Oluseyi Vandy said:

“The cause of the problem is in the title itself is money.

If Robert didn’t become wealthy, Mel would have gotten over it. She was just mental.

Like 10 mil comes chop?

Honestly, your divorce argument doesn’t count cause he knew he’d never win when she came with her sister that hates him. Nothing he could do or say to her there that would’ve saved the marriage and she admitted in her monologue when she said: “The funny thing is I believed him then I felt sorry for him”.

The truth is what he was trying to invent was history groundbreaking and yes he should’ve been there for her but the truth was he cared for her not loved her.

Like every great inventor that is building something revolutionary they never have time for anything else; all them Albert Einstein Nikolas tesla they normally have someone funding them so he just used her and yes he was a con but to a large extent that breakup broke him at least her stopping to believe in him cause no one else did

She could’ve still had access to him if she got over it and not snapped they could’ve ended amicably and been good friends but like the therapist said she didn’t want to accept any blame cause they both were at fault”.

A fall from Grace
Some of the cast from Acrimony

Grace Nwaobilor said:

“I just saw the movie Acrimony and this question comes to my head, How will you feel if the same person your partner told you not to worry about with the line ‘she/he is just a friend or I don’t feel anything for her’ ends up being with your partner after you guys are no more together? Bad, right?

I guess that was how Mel felt, the same person she caught her man cheating on her with, the same person’s purse that led to her divorce and then the same person ends up with her man with a much better condition of life than she had with him.

Or in a different light, she was just a jealous psycho who was just after him because of how successful he had become or was surprised and bitter that something good could come out of him and she wasn’t the cause neither would she be there to enjoy it with him.

I guess, if he had just kept working in the kitchen washing dishes she would care less if he was together with Diana. In all, she was a psycho for love😁”

A fall from Grace
Meet Tyler Perry, filmmaker of ‘A Fall From Grace’ and ‘Acrimony’

It’s two days before the release of ‘A Fall From Grace’, judging by its trailer, and bearing in mind two themes common to both films, love and betrayal, do you think it will be as successful or surpass ‘Acrimony‘s’ rating?