a life tribute

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“Do not speak ill about the dead”… So does it mean that I should not be true to myself when I talk about a person who is dead?

For crying out loud Jane Doe was a very mean person while she was alive. She wasn’t loved one bit, not even a person from her family held her dear to heart because of how troublesome she was and then boom! I am reading tributes written about her and I am shocked. Like is this Jane Doe or some other individual? 


Truth is a man cannot be more than what he is, whether dead or alive. If a man was very wicked while he was alive, if a man was an alcoholic, if a man was promiscuous, if a man was dreaded…etc. a beautiful tribute intended to change the narrative or appease the dead because we want to walk the good path is useless. why say otherwise?


In my opinion, a dead man even more than the living deserves the sincerity of his loved ones and others who knew him. It’s crazy that you lie to someone’s face when they are alive, and then you also lie at their death.

Let’s endeavor to coat our tributes with the truth instead of making it a bed of lies. People should read and marvel at what kind of soul he/she must have been while alive. It is appalling to note that in a world where just a pinch of the population is nice, one hardly comes across a negative remark in a tribute. Does it mean that people are automatically sanctified at their death? If you were unhappy with me while I was alive, I beg you, do not disguise it with the finest of words when I die for it will only kill me a second time.