a rule for guys

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Her eyes sparkled when I uttered shamelessly *” you’ve got the best dimples I have ever seen’* …of course that was flattery. She sure is extremely beautiful, a #9 if you must ask, but I sure have seen better dimples. I only wanted her to expand that smile she was already wearing, and she did.

That’s when I saw it again.. Her beautiful gap tooth. She had let it out before. This time, it was the best I had ever seen. The sight was a haven for me and my gap fetish.

At this moment imaginations ran through my thick skull, from the thoughts of our lips locked together to the nastier thought of that dentition gently grazing my dick.

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Lola seemed to somehow magically know my thoughts. She kept this cruel smile going for a minute, her eyes locked to mine and as I met her gaze, she led me with her to the slightly pulsating bunch on my waist. I immediately had on my wicked smile… My thoughts *shit is about to get real right now!*

Then Urch spoke, without looking away from his laptop *” this one you guys are unusually quiet, are you out of things to talk about?”*

Then it hit me, Urch is in the room. And this is Lola. Damn! What was I thinking? I looked at her again as she sensually curved her lips while looking and slowly took her eyes off my package. This drove me crazy in so many ways but I kept my cool.

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It was exactly a week ago that Urch and I hung out just outside his photo studio to talk about anything and everything, for lack of things to do.

We were lost in our silliness for a minute that we somehow didn’t notice a beautifully shaped girl pass.

Urch, looking up, said *”Bro, check out that babe.. Damn,!”*

We could only see her backside so I added *”I can bet you that what you see behind her is all she’s got, her face is probably shity and her chest a slippas”* if some unseen force wanted to counter my notion, this babe stopped to bid for a cab, and at this moment turned around as the cab had passed her a bit.

My mouth dropped!

Her breasts were like the work of a first-class plastic surgeon, and her face lit up the whole street.

Urch got up, stretching his shirt and without looking at me, he said *Dave, I’m in love*

Then he went after her before she could hop into the taxi.

The rest is history.

Fast forward to now… Today… Her first visit…

She’s in need.

I’m in need.

But bigheaded Urch is in planet photoshop.

He is completely unaware, yet there is nothing I can do about it.

He saw her first! and thats sad but I gotta respect the bro code.