act like a lady

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So some time ago,  a lady broke my heart!😁. It wasn’t easy but I had to be strong. I started to move on without her, binge-watching movies, listening to cool music and a whole bunch of stuff to take my mind off her. I was literally learning to be myself again.

It was going well, met new people, apologized to the old ones that I stopped talking to and when everything seemed to be perfect, I started liking someone else and this was a new phase for me indeed.

Suddenly boom! abracadabra!!! She shows up! Said she’s sorry and that she wants back. Kept up with consistent Calls but I wouldn’t bat an eye.

Then She said, “If I knew the number of guys in her dm that can actually offer her anything she wants ehn…but she decides to pay them no attention, there are guys that would do anything to keep her”.

Then I told her “Okay, go, you deserve better. Leave me to figure out myself” Then she said I’m breaking my promise to her of fighting for our love. First off! I’m not a fighter 😁. 

Now, guys, I’m not asking for advise if to take her back or not because I won’t. The question is why are ladies very selfish and always think it’s a normal thing? In the movie, ‘Nobody’s fool’, the exact same incident occured. Please help me answer, why are ladies this way.