Adam and Eve

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It is another Sunday in a new year, and like every other Sunday; I began to seek answers from myself about why some things seem wrong in a world that is ruled over by the one supreme being, ‘God’. 

The first question that came to mind was, “What happens when God takes a nap?” I know it might seem all funny to many, especially as most Christians would say that he doesn’t rest. Well, need I remind you that after he created the world in six days, he rested on the seventh? If that is recorded in the Bible, what does that connote about the persona of God? God, like humans; also rests.

The creation story…
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While we are clear on that fact, what happens when the big man up there takes his nap? Could it be that it is when he looks away from all that he created that bad things happen? Or could it be that it is when he sleeps that bad things happen?

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I mean, logically, we all know that God is good all the time. Would a good God watch while the many ills in the world happen? Even to his own children? Imagine the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible, the Bible recorded that God goes to visit the duo, but it is while he was away that the devil came around to tempt the duo. We all know how that story ended.

Remember the story of Adam and Eve?

In my own moment of deep thinking, I feel that it is when God takes a nap or looks away that evil men do the bad things in the world. If you disagree, then you can as well agree that he is not good all the time, maybe he’s bad sometimes. Why? Because he watches over us all, while he allows so many evil things happen. 

But honestly, let me ask you too, what happens when God decides to take a rest?